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How Physical Security Helps Mitigate Cyber Threats In The Smart Home

Guest post from Ralph Goodman, over at the Lock Blog. Thanks Ralph! The smart home has increased in popularity over the past couple of years, and it has helped set the standard for what people will expect out of their homes in years to come. Lightning fast connectivity and integration with several different devices was […] ... Read More

Child Safety Items for Caregivers

Do you have a pool? Is it safe? Ideal’s SK644 Swimming Pool Gate Alarm was recently listed as the reference product in a county-wide child safety project, and with good reason. Drowning is, unfortunately, the most common cause of accidental death among children, and most drownings occur in home swimming pools. Even worse, these tragedies […] ... Read More

LA Audio File says it best: A review on the SK638

A practical solution to emergency lighting needs ... Read More

It Works! Our SK1215 on an old Anderson door

I needed to replace the old and worn brass handle set on my Anderson/EMCO door. So, I bought the above handle as it appeared to line-up well with the holes in my door. Other than the deadbolt not functioning, it looks great, the handle opens and closes as it should and the little lady is all smiles! ... Read More looks at our SK642

Check out this great review of our SK642 Wireless Water Detector from The Ideal Security Inc. SK642 Wireless Water Detector Alarm with Telephone Dialer Notification will keep you and your family safe from expensive damage caused by water leaks. This water leak sensor will detect any water leaks and sound the alarm by sending a […] ... Read More

More products at Princess Auto

  Our line of top selling garage door hardware is now available at all Princess Auto locations. There’s a full listing here: Visit their website to find a store near you, and #DoItYourself. ... Read More

Will the motion detector detect motion through a glass window or door?

No it will not. The infrared cannot go through glass. ... Read More

How do you erase all the learned components?

Press the Learn button at the back of the receiver for 12 seconds you will hear two long beeps. Now all the learned codes and sounds have been deleted. You must now relearn the sensors to the receiver. ... Read More

When using a door or window sensor will the alarm stop ringing if the door or window is closed right after opening?

The SK625 Wireless Slim Door or Window Sensor has no internal alarm. No sound will only send signal to auto dialer. SK621 when contact is broken it will ring for 5 seconds and stop. It will not ring again unless contact is re established and broken again. It will also send signal to the auto […] ... Read More

Protect Yourself…Without monthly fees.

Are you  looking to ELIMINATE MONTHLY monitoring fees? Ideal’s SK634 wireless, self monitoring alarm system is a complete system in a box. All you need is electricity & a landline telephone. ... Read More

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