5 Common Garage Door Problems With Easy Fixes

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Home repairs may be quite common. Your home may need a bit of repairing and maintenance here and there to improve its functionality. However, some of these repairs can cost you a lot.

Some fixes may need expert supervision. However, there are many repairs around the house that you can do on your own. Your garage door is one such place.

An automatic garage door sure makes life easier. With just a push of a button, you can take your vehicles out and park them inside without stepping out from them. These automated devices can be quite handy and time-saving in our fast-paced lives. They provide protection and security to our vehicles. However, garage doors are susceptible to repairs due to daily use.

Garage doors are mechanical devices that can encounter problems here and there. It may be that your garage door is not opening smoothly or making a sound while opening or closing. These problems are quite common and may have simple fixes.

Most of the problems of the garage door may be quite minor, which may not need expert repairs. The idea is to find out the exact problem and try to resolve it on your own. If you do not think you are confident enough with your toolbox, we will tell you some simple fixes to repair a garage door.

Here are 5 common problems that you may encounter with your garage door and some easy ways to fix them.

1)  The garage door is not opening properly-

This is the most common type of problem that you may face. If you find that your garage door is not opening or closing as smoothly as it should, you need to find the exact cause. The batteries of the door may need replacing. If you have recently changed the batteries, you may try lubricating the rails of the garage opener. Your garage door may also not be functioning properly due to the transmitter issues. So, make sure to replace it with fresh batteries as well.

2)  The photo-eyes are not working properly

The latest garage doors have sensors that prevent them from closing in on anyone or anything in their way. This mechanism helps prevent serious injury. Sometimes, your garage door may not close. This may be due to an obstruction in the photo-eyes. First, locate the photo-eyes. They are usually placed on both sides of the garage wall. Then, you can try to clean their surface using a soft cloth. The photo-eyes work just like a camera lens to detect any object. Once the lens is clean, your garage door may function normally. If not, you can try to check if they are aligned properly. Photo-eyes need to face each other at the same angle. If they cannot detect each other, they assume that something is on the way, and this prevents the closing of the door. Once you align them, your garage door should function normally.

3)  Your garage door isn’t opening all the way-

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Sometimes, you will see that your garage door isn’t opening all the way, or is having trouble opening at all. Though you are sure that the transmitter and the remote are working fine, the door is having trouble going up. This may be due to your torsion springs being broken. These powerful springs are responsible for lifting the heavy garage door. You may hear a loud bang when one of these breaks. If not, your garage door making a noise but not opening is an indication that your garage door springs are broken. Most springs have a limited life cycle, after which you should replace them.

4)  Water entering into your garage

Your garage door contains a weather sealant that keeps water and air out of your garage. If you notice that there is water leaking from your garage door, you may have to repair it immediately. Leaking water may cause irreparable damage to your garage door. To avoid it, you can replace the weather sealant on your garage door. It is advisable to keep an eye on this part of your garage door and replace it when you notice any cracks in it. You can further use a waterproof cement or filler to close any holes as well.

5)  Your garage door isn’t closing properly

If you find that your garage door closes and then opens up again, there may be problems in setting your garage door limits. This problem usually persists on a newly installed or replaced garage door. You need to set a limit on the garage door for it to close properly. If the limit is too high, the door may hit the ground and open up again, thinking that it has hit something. If the limit is too low, the door may not close properly. You may have to do some trial and error before you can set the correct limit on your garage door, for it to function smoothly.


These are some common problems that you may face with your garage door and how you can fix them without calling in for expert repairs. However, these solutions are perfect for minor repairs. If your garage door is having persistent problems, you may have to get help for the experts. Carrying regular maintenance of your garage door will ensure that it is running without any issues. If you are looking for garage door replacement hardware, consult Ideal Security Garage Door Hardware section with hinges, brackets, rollers, side-locks available in zinc plated or powder-coated black finishes.

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