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Ladder-Aide Pro won a NRHA Retailers’ Choice Award at the 2019 National Hardware Show!

It’s been a hit. No-brainer for any contractor that comes in. Joe Franquinha, Crest Hardware, Brooklyn. With these words, Joe Franquinha of Crest Hardware in Brooklyn, NY.(NRHA  Young  Retailer of the Year, 2019)  explained why he voted for Ladder-Aide Pro. It was a fantastic event. We met many new people in the industry, both retailers […] ... Read More

6 Ways (+ 1 Bonus) to Increase your Shopping Cart Value

Increasing Shoppers’ Basket Size is not easy nor obvious. Nowadays people pay a lot of attention to what they are buying and where they are buying it. Thanks to the infinite resources that can be found on the internet, shoppers are more knowledgeable and educated about products, prices, and promotions than ever before. This means […] ... Read More

6 façons (+ 1 Bonus) d’augmenter la valeur de votre panier d’achat

Augmenter la taille du panier des acheteurs n’est ni facile ni évident. De nos jours, les gens prêtent beaucoup attention à ce qu’ils achètent et où ils l’achètent. Grâce aux ressources infinies que l’on peut trouver sur Internet, les consommateurs sont mieux informés sur les produits, les prix et les promotions que jamais auparavant. Cela […] ... Read More

5 ways to mitigate the impact of the delays and the price increases

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected business in many ways. It has changed how customers shop and how stores operate. Some industries have been hit hard, while others have flourished. Our industry has seen an overall increase in sales: some big box stores have seen growth of over 30% and 106% growth in digital sales.   The challenges  However, there is another side of the coin. […] ... Read More

5 moyens pour atténuer l’impact des retards et des augmentations de prix

La pandémie de COVID-19 a affecté les entreprises de nombreuses manières. Elle a changé la manière dont les clients font leurs achats et dont les magasins fonctionnent. Certains secteurs ont été durement touchés, tandis que d’autres ont prospéré. Notre secteur a connu une augmentation générale des ventes : certaines grandes surfaces ont enregistré une croissance […] ... Read More

What Type of Ladder Can I Use on Stairs?

Curious about the types of ladders that are safe to use on stairs? We’ve got you covered. Check out this post to learn about ladder types and the various tips and tricks to keep in mind when using a ladder on stairs. ... Read More

How Do I Use A Ladder On Stairs?

Using a ladder on stairs isn’t as easy as it sounds, but with the right preparation and tools, you’ll be ready to climb like a pro. Read on to learn the essential tips and tricks to use a ladder on stairs. ... Read More

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