• Monitor family members
  • Make life easier at home
  • Simple home automation
  • Ensure constant contact
  • Security solutions
  • Reduce worry

Caring for an elderly loved one
can be a challenge

You want to provide comfort & independence.
You need to ensure safety & security.
You don’t want to worry.

We have a complete range of products that lets you
build the perfect system for eliminating worry while
maintaining quality of life.

No matter what you call it - aging at home, aging in place, independent living - we all want the same thing: A new vision for aging comfortably and dignity, in our own homes, in our own communities.

Seniors don't want to leave their homes and give up their independence. Our loved ones want to maintain their dignity, regardless of physical limitations and changes in health. And if you're caring for an elderly loved one, you want to protect their quality of life, while protecting their safety and security. You can't be worrying about them all the time, or checking in on them all the time.

Ideal Security's range of aging at home products offers solutions to make life easier for our loved ones and those of us caring for them. Our solutions are designed for an aging generation: They are affordable and accessible, easy to set up and easy to use, and focus on assistance when and where you need it most. They can sound a loud alarm, play a pleasant chime, or call your phone with remote notifications.

Motion sensors and door & window contacts let you monitor outside and inside, for security. Innovative pressure mats let you keep track of visitors, sleep patterns, or of the movements of your loved ones. Call for help at the push of a button with our emergency remotes. Provide emergency lighting at night, through blackouts, in emergencies, or when you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

From products that can offer peace of mind to products that can help the elderly feel more secure in their own homes, Ideal has solutions for many of the challenges of aging at home.

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