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Garaga’s Most Common Garage Door Problems, and how to solve them

Garaga‘s one of the top North American garage door manufacturers, so when they talk we listen. They recently posted a list of the most common garage door problems they encounter, and some suggested solutions. Garaga’s Top 5 Most Common Problems with Garage Doors The door opens or closes with a thud The door has come […] ... Read More

A Guide To Garage Door Extension Springs

There comes a time when hardware we take for granted needs replacing, and garage door springs are no exception. Between the wear and tear of time and constant use, garage door springs will gradually weaken and warp, resulting in an imbalanced garage door. With the right information in mind and tools in hand, what was […] ... Read More

What Are Breakaway Screws?

Breakaway screws, also known as snap off screws or scored screws, are longer screws that feature cutting points at various quarter-inch increments along the screw’s length. Unlike standard screw packs that either come with hardware or are purchased separately, breakaway screws offer both versatility and agency for screw usage. They’re an eco-friendly option, to boot. […] ... Read More

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