Tip Out Bins for Organizing and Storing Dental Supplies in Dental Clinics and Offices 

Running a dental clinic is no easy feat. Properly organizing and maintaining inventory for the hundreds of different dental supplies and consumables is key to keeping a dental office running smoothly day in and day out. If you landed here because you’re looking for storage solutions for intermaxillary elastics, wax, chewies, elastic hooks, floss threaders, Dri-Angles, gauze, prophylactic paste, anesthesia systems, articulating paper, micro brushes, syringes, and more, you’ve come the right place.  

Ideal BNZ Tilt Bins is a line of six different tip out bins models that range from two to nine bins. All models are 24 inches wide and stackable, allowing you to mix and match different tip out models to create unique storage systems that integrate seamlessly into your dental office space.  

Ideal BNZ Tilt Bin Double Sided Stand

Designed to help dentists and dental staff organize their dental supplies and consumables, the Ideal BNZ allow you to  

  • Quickly gauge inventory levels for different products as Ideal BNZ are transparent (unlike other brands that are frosted) 
  • Organize supplies by size and or quantity, making them easy to locate 
  • Easily provide access for the entire team to supplies and dental consumables used daily 
  • Increase revenue through more efficient inventory management 

Out of all the different brands available in the market, Ideal BNZ have a few discerning features that make them one of the most sought after tip out storage solutions for dental clinics in North America. 

Flexible Mounting Solutions 

All models have a flat base so they can be placed on countertops or desks. Every Ideal BNZ Tilt Bins model has keyholes at the back, allowing you to mount each model on a wall. 

Ideal BNZ Tilt Bin Keyholes On Back

Alternatively, you can build your own wall-mounted or floor-level systems using our accessory frames which allow you to easily add or remove different size models while maintaining an organized structure. We have 3 sizes of wall-mounted frames and 2 sizes of floor-level frames.   

  • The wall-mounted frames allow you to swap different models easily so that you have a wall-mounted storage system that you can modify without the need to create holes for each individual unit. Simply drill the frame into the wall, install the plastic pins into the keyholes of each bin, and slide the bins onto the frames using the rails. 
  • For floor-level storage units, the single-sided floor frame is ideal for standalone storage in small spaces. The double-sided rolling frame is a great accessory to design a mobile tilt out bin storage solution that can easily be moved from one room to the next. Due to their compact and mobile design, both floor-level frames altogether eliminate the need to be drilled into floors or walls.

Easy to Clean 

With sanitation being a top priority in any medical facility and even more so with the hygiene requirements that were implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ideal BNZ are designed to be easily cleaned. All models have a smooth surface, and each one can be completely removed from its cabinet for deep cleaning. 

Built to Withstand Daily Use 

Ideal BNZ Tilt Bins are built with non-porous, high-impact polystyrene plastic that allows them to withstand everyday wear and tear. As such, delicate and fragile supplies can be safely stored without fear of damage.

Ideal BNZ Tilt Bins Wall Mounted Display

Where to Buy Tilt Bins

Ideal BNZ are available through these authorized resellers 

If you would like more information or a custom quote for this product, please contact us at https://www.idealbnz.com/tilt-bins  

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