About Us

We are your trusted and progressive specialty hardware supplier 

Ideal Security is a 3rd generation family owned company, based in Montreal, Canada.

Started in 1956 by Jack Jospe, for much of our history we were a prime manufacturer with 2 factories. In the early 1980’s we employed over 200 people at our various locations, always based in the borough of Lasalle. At the time, we were one of only three manufacturers of storm and screen door hardware in North America. When we finally shut down our last production lines in the mid-2010s, we were the last local manufacturer to do so.

Today we are a  hardware developer (we like to think of ourselves as innovators) and a distributor of:

  • Storm and screen door hardware (OEM and replacement)
  • Replacement garage door hardware
  • Specialty window and sliding door hardware
  • Miscellaneous builders’ hardware
  • A small DIY home security program


In the early 2000s we began development of the Ladder-Aide as part of our innovation and new product program. The timing proved to be wrong, and we could not successfully commercialize the Ladder-Aide then. Fast forward to 2016: The internet and social media had changed the market, giving brands the ability to market and sell directly to consumers, and we relaunched the program. A few years later, the Ladder-Aide has proven to be a success. In 2019, the Ladder-Aide PRO won the NHRA Retailers’ Choice Award and the UIA Best Marketing Award.

Brand Recognition

In Canada, Ideal Security is a recognized and appreciated brand. We have sold to and continue to work with all the major retailers and manufacturers.

In the US, Ideal Security Hardware was a huge name in storm and screen door for over 60 years. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, they owned the storm door category in the USA. We were the little Canadian brother. They went bankrupt in 1971, allowing us to enter the US market ourselves.

The Future

Ladder-Aide has given us new opportunities, which in themselves can be very significant, and perhaps other doors will open for us. In 2019 we launched the Decibel Locked & Loud program, and we have recently secured distribution rights for a high quality storage program for small and medium parts.

Our 45,000 square foot distribution center in Prescott, Ontario is only 15 minutes by truck to Ogdensburg, NY,. We serve the entire North American market, shipping to the US daily.

We are actively developing new opportunities while maintaining the purpose, values, and core competencies that have sustained us for over 60 years.

The Values

We are a close-knitted team. We share more than an office space, we share a set of values:

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