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Why Every Private Landlord Should Be Safeguarding Their Rental Property

As a private landlord, there’s nothing worse than discovering that one of your properties has been broken in to and your tenant’s personal possessions have been stolen. Sadly, this is the reality for thousands of private landlords up and down the country, as a home break-in occurs every 90 seconds in Canada. But, with part of your […] ... Read More

Innovative Refrigerator Safety Designs for the Elderly

Senior citizens are more likely to contract a foodborne illness because of their compromised immune systems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Smart refrigerators with IoT (Internet of things) technology offer data transmission/processing, sensor advancement and networking with other individuals. As people age, they might be more prone to make mistakes and […] ... Read More

Water Safety Around The Home And Garden

Around ten deaths a day are due to accidental drowning, and one in five of those are children under the age of 14. Teaching children about water safety around the home is an important part of their learning. It doesn’t take much for a child to drown, but flooding can also be a serious problem in the […] ... Read More

Protecting The Environment While Protecting Your Home

You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your family. Having the latest home security tech installed can help to protect your family against intruders and deter thieves from breaking and entering while you’re on holiday. The most advanced security solutions don’t just keep your home safe, though. They also help to […] ... Read More

In a word, the Ladder-Aide is AWESOME!

I wanted to let you know what a fantastic product you have. I have been trying to complete a ceiling wiring project… ... Read More

Steps Aging Adults Can Take To Stay Safe In the Home

As adults age, they often have to take extra steps if they want to remain in their home instead of heading off to a residential care facility. In most cases, it is smart to start planning for long-term care needs early on instead of waiting until someone can no longer stay in the home safely […] ... Read More

How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors

Many homes these days have sliding glass doors. These doors let in lots of natural light and make it easy to get outside to your backyard, deck, or balcony. The downside of sliding glass doors is the ease of access to your home that they provide to unwanted intruders who may want to enter your […] ... Read More

Holmes on Ladder Safety

In his Safety First column this week, Mike Holmes took aim at ladder safety. He raised basic ladder safety guidelines, such as Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder (2 feet and one hand, for example); Use the 4:1 rule to maintain a proper ladder angle; Make sure your ladder is stable On […] ... Read More

Our new favorite review

We just found the review below, posted last year, on Ken Anderson picked one up to address some household problems and avert any future violence. Not only is it positive, it’s well-written and hilarious! Our favorite line? We can’t shoot the teenagers because that’s against the law. But we can make sure the hallway door […] ... Read More

Another pet-owner hack for the SK630 Pressure Mat

Reddit user @aveldina has found yet another use for the incredibly versatile SK630 Pressure Mat Alarm with Chime. In her post Made a chime/beeping mat for running contact training!, aveldina explains how she used the SK630, along with a yoga mat, to train her border collie on a dogwalk course! So, the pressure mat itself […] ... Read More

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