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When I arm the auto dialer and put the water detector in water the auto dialer does not dial.

There is a 60 second delay after arming before it will pick up a signal from any sensor. You will hear a beep when ready. ... Read More

How do you erase all the learned components?

Press the Learn button at the back of the receiver for 12 seconds you will hear two long beeps. Now all the learned codes and sounds have been deleted. You must now relearn the sensors to the receiver. ... Read More

When using a door or window sensor will the alarm stop ringing if the door or window is closed right after opening?

The SK625 Wireless Slim Door or Window Sensor has no internal alarm. No sound will only send signal to auto dialer. SK621 when contact is broken it will ring for 5 seconds and stop. It will not ring again unless contact is re established and broken again. It will also send signal to the auto […] ... Read More

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