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What Are Garage Door Rollers?

After years of use, your garage door may begin to click, rattle, and shake loudly each time you open and close it. Luckily, your solution comes in the form of a quick and convenient fix that doesn’t require replacing your garage door. The key component to eliminating a noisy garage door and making each open […] ... Read More

Ideal Security Invites You to Discover the Ladder-Aide PRO at NSC Spring Safety Conference & Expo 2023 

(Montreal, Quebec) – May 8, 2023 – Ideal Security, a leading home hardware supplier for over 65 years, will highlight its innovative safety solution for using ladders on stairs, the Ladder-Aide PRO, at the 2023 NSC Spring Safety Conference & Expo in Indianapolis.  The event takes place from May 18th – May 19th, and product […] ... Read More

Ladder-Aide PRO: Customer Testimonials For Safe Stairway Use

Don’t Take Our Word For It Whether you’re amping up your home security with our security bars, preparing for power outages with our emergency lights, or using our Ladder-Aide levelers and stabilizers to safely use ladders on stairs for your painting, light installation, HVAC installations, and more, Ideal Security has an unwavering commitment to helping […] ... Read More

Le Secret du Nettoyage de Printemps : les Barres de Sécurité

Le printemps arrive à grands pas, ce qui signifie qu’il est temps de tirer les rideaux, d’ouvrir les fenêtres et les portes patios ou les portes vitrées coulissantes, et de laisser entrer le soleil chaud et la brise légère pour chasser la déprime de l’hiver. Mais aussi tentant que cela puisse être d’ouvrir chaque fenêtre […] ... Read More

A Spring Cleaning Secret: Security Bars

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to pull back your curtains, open your windows and patio doors or sliding glass doors, and let the warm sun and gentle breeze in to wash away the winter blues. But as tempting as it may be to throw open every window and door for […] ... Read More

Saisir l’Avenir : Ideal Security Nomme Liohn Sherer Président pour Diriger la Transformation et la Croissance 

Depuis qu’il a rejoint Ideal Security, Liohn Sherer a fait bien plus que secouer les choses – il les a complètement reconstruites. C’est pourquoi nous sommes immensément fiers d’annoncer la promotion de Liohn Sherer au poste de président d’Ideal Security.  Grâce à ses efforts et à son expertise, Sherer vise à transformer la 3e génération […] ... Read More

Embracing the Future: Ideal Security Appoints Liohn Sherer as President to Lead Transformation and Growth  

Ever since he joined Ideal Security, Liohn Sherer has done more than just rock the boat – he’s entirely rebuilt it. That’s why we are immensely proud to announce Liohn Sherer as the newly promoted president of Ideal Security.  With his efforts and expertise, Sherer aims to transform the 3rd generation of this family business […] ... Read More

How To Safely Use a Ladder and Practice Ladder Safety Habits 

Ladder safety usually isn’t taken seriously until it’s too late. Take the initiative to brush up on ladder safety habits, and learn about the resources available to make working with a ladder easy and safe. ... Read More

4 Tips to Prepare for a Power Outage

The first month of 2023 marks the 25-year anniversary of the disastrous January 1998 North American Ice Storm, a crisis that left over 4 million people without power, caused approximately $6 billion USD in damages, and rendered a great deal of infrastructure inoperable in its wake.  While one might hope that these catastrophic weather events […] ... Read More

Tip Out Bins for Organizing and Storing Dental Supplies in Dental Clinics and Offices 

Running a dental clinic is no easy feat. Properly organizing and maintaining inventory for the hundreds of different dental supplies and consumables is key to keeping a dental office running smoothly day in and day out. If you landed here because you’re looking for storage solutions for intermaxillary elastics, wax, chewies, elastic hooks, floss threaders, Dri-Angles, […] ... Read More

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