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5 moyens pour atténuer l’impact des retards et des augmentations de prix

La pandémie de COVID-19 a affecté les entreprises de nombreuses manières. Elle a changé la manière dont les clients font leurs achats et dont les magasins fonctionnent. Certains secteurs ont été durement touchés, tandis que d’autres ont prospéré. Notre secteur a connu une augmentation générale des ventes : certaines grandes surfaces ont enregistré une croissance […] ... Read More

5 ways to mitigate the impact of the delays and the price increases

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected business in many ways. It has changed how customers shop and how stores operate. Some industries have been hit hard, whileothers have flourished. Our industry has seen an overall increase in sales: some big box stores have seen growth of over 30% and 106% growth in digital sales.   The challenges  However, ... Read More

How to connect the SK630 Pressure Mat to a Z-wave sensor

We’ve seen lots of discussion and received several questions about a Z-Wave or Zigbee enabled version of our SK630 pressure mat for smart home integration. We can’t offer an integrated version for sale, but the good news is that it’s quite simple to do yourself! The SK630 Pressure Mat Alarm with Chime is a simple […] ... Read More

5 Garage Door Tips to Boost Your Curb Appeal

In the real estate sector, first impressions are usually referred to as curb appeal. The elements that a person first notices when looking at your home from the street could be simple things, like the color of your mailbox or main door, to items that require a little money, like landscaping or fencing. A house […] ... Read More

Top 6 Green Home Improvement Projects

Many homeowners want to make their homes more environmentally friendly. This is partially driven by a sense of moral rightness. However, for many, it is also driven by a desire to cut down costs. Utility bills can be sky-high. Some investments today in improving your home’s “greenness” can net major returns down the right. 1) […] ... Read More

6 FAQs About Home Security, Remodeling, and New Additions

While homeowners once packed up their possessions and moved on the average of once every five years, the modern trend is to stay put and use the money to remodel the home you live into a bigger, better structure that is more of what you want. Taking out a wall, expanding a closet, or building […] ... Read More

5 Common Garage Door Problems With Easy Fixes

(Image source) Home repairs may be quite common. Your home may need a bit of repairing and maintenance here and there to improve its functionality. However, some of these repairs can cost you a lot. Some fixes may need expert supervision. However, there are many repairs around the house that you can do on your […] ... Read More

6 Great Ways Enhance Your Front Entry

A striking front entrance makes a statement about you and your home. It serves as a greeting point for guests and gives the first impression about what to expect inside. And if you have future plans to sell your property, real estate agents agree that it’s one of the best ways to attract buyers and […] ... Read More

DASMA Color Code Standards for Garage Door Springs

Ideal Security’s garage door springs comply with the official color codes provided by the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA). Below are the color standards for extension springs for overhead sectional garage doors. Two of each spring are required to lift a door of the specified weight. Door Weight (Pounds) Door Weight (Kilograms) Color Ideal Part […] ... Read More

6 Ways to Organize Your Workshop

Even the most organized people in the world have at one time had a messy workshop. Thus, you are not alone. Sometimes, you need to place everything in strategic places just to enhance positivity while at work because positive energy increases productivity and efficiency. There’re many ways to organize your workshop, but this article focuses […] ... Read More

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