6 Ways (+ 1 Bonus) to Increase your Shopping Cart Value

Increasing Shoppers’ Basket Size is not easy nor obvious.

Nowadays people pay a lot of attention to what they are buying and where they are buying it.

Thanks to the infinite resources that can be found on the internet, shoppers are more knowledgeable and educated about products, prices, and promotions than ever before.

This means that they are not necessarily going to buy all they need from a single store unless they are shopping online.

Most people will first look on Amazon to see if they can find what they “think” they want. (It’s pretty easy to fall down the rabbit hole, starting to look at ladders accessories and finishing by browsing through an endless selection of Nicolas Cage’s Mermaid pillows. We have all been there.)

It’s comfortable, has a broader choice and often lower prices.

But, it lacks something essential, human relations.

Very commonly painters and contractors “marry” their suppliers. So, the suppliers must provide their customers with the best products and service while increasing their average basket value.

It’s a win-win situation. Customers are happier because they have discovered new products that they need and retailers are more satisfied because, well, you know, they make more money.

So how do you increase the average shopper’s basket size?

Below are 6 easy ways, plus 1 bonus, to do so.

1.    Stock the right products.

 This might sound obvious to you, but you have to know what your customers are looking for. For example, recently we were contacted by a telescoping ladder manufacturer. Many of their customers were asking them if their products worked with our Ladder-Aide. That is a strong signal of what customers want.

2.    Use attractive POP displays to showcase the product function

Ugly doesn’t sell. This is the reason why almost every advertisement has good-looking individuals, and not Steve Buscemi, in it. The same principle applies to in-store displays. If possible, show the product in a typical set-up or real-life situation. (this is how we suggest displaying the Ladder-Aide in stores)

3.    Cross-merchandise complementary products

Some products go together better than others. That’s why it’s peanut butter and jelly and not vegemite and jelly (sorry Australian readers). For example, we have discovered that placing Ladder-Aide in the paint aisle leads to more sales than putting it in the ladder aisle.

4.    Build a lasting relationship with your customers

As mentioned before, painters and contractors are committed or loyal to their suppliers, but that doesn’t mean that they are aware of all their new products and offers at all times.

Today, painters and contractors use social media to promote their business. So, you should be present on the platforms that they use, like Facebook or Instagram. Promote your new products, and interact with your customers through social media to build a stronger relationship.

5.   Place bestsellers at the end of the aisle, far from the entrance.

By doing so, people will have to pass in front of your other items, increasing the chance that they will pick up something else.

6.   Place complementary items close to those bestsellers

If you have a lot of foot traffic towards a distinct item, let’s say a particular kind of paint, it makes sense to position a complementary item that could spike the interest of the buyer, let’s say Ladder-Aide. In this way, you will enhance the possibility of increasing the size of their shopping cart.

Bonus Tip:  Get involved in your community and support a cause

If your shoppers are supporters of a specific cause, you should support it as well. This will increase the level of identification that your customers have with your brand.

I hope that I have provided you with some useful tips on how to increase your shoppers’ basket size.

Let me know in the comments what you have been doing so far, what works and what doesn’t.

I’m really curious to see what you are up to!

Augusto Chiaravalloti
Marketing Manager at Ideal Security Inc

You can follow me on LinkedIn

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