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Holmes on Ladder Safety

In his Safety First column this week, Mike Holmes took aim at ladder safety. He raised basic ladder safety guidelines, such as Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder (2 feet and one hand, for example); Use the 4:1 rule to maintain a proper ladder angle; Make sure your ladder is stable On […] ... Read More

Steps Aging Adults Can Take To Stay Safe In the Home

As adults age, they often have to take extra steps if they want to remain in their home instead of heading off to a residential care facility. In most cases, it is smart to start planning for long-term care needs early on instead of waiting until someone can no longer stay in the home safely […] ... Read More

Safety inspector: Ladder-Aide is OK

tl;dr – An inspector from the Ontario Ministry of Labour has reviewed the Ladder-Aide and confirmed that “he has no problem with it.”  Shortly after we launched the Ladder-Aide we started receiving questions about certifications and safety: Is it CSA certified?  (You can find that answer here) What’s the weight rating? Is it approved by OSHA (the US […] ... Read More

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