Ladder-Aide PRO: Customer Testimonials For Safe Stairway Use

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Whether you’re amping up your home security with our security bars, preparing for power outages with our emergency lights, or using our Ladder-Aide levelers and stabilizers to safely use ladders on stairs for your painting, light installation, HVAC installations, and more, Ideal Security has an unwavering commitment to helping you get the job done safely and reliably.  

Here are just a few testimonials our customers have to share about how they’ve been using the Ladder-Aide PRO to safely use ladders on stairs. 

Short and sweet. Still not convinced?

And we’ve more to offer than just words to show how safe the Ladder-Aide PRO is. Here are a few images taken by our customers of their own Ladder-Aide PRO setups on stairs!

Whether you’re in need of a ladder-on-leopard…

Or aren’t keen on slippin’ on stairs…

The Ladder-Aide PRO’s got you PRO…tected?
This is the high-quality writing you get with a degree in Literature, folks.

Professionals and DIYers alike have the Ladder-Aide PRO to thank for being able to safely use ladders on stairs. Don’t take the risk with paint cans and planks. Get your Ladder-Aide PRO today, and have a safer tomorrow.

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