Protecting The Environment While Protecting Your Home


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You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your family. Having the latest home security tech installed can help to protect your family against intruders and deter thieves from breaking and entering while you’re on holiday. The most advanced security solutions don’t just keep your home safe, though. They also help to protect the environment against damage caused by carbon emissions. With the average American producing annual carbon dioxide emissions of 20 metric tons, it’s important that families do everything that they can to preserve our Earth for future generations to enjoy. Here are some of the ways that installing the newest security tech can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and save our environment.

Energy Efficient Lighting

One of the simplest forms of home security is motion-activated outdoor lighting. If someone approaches your home, he or she would be less likely to try and break in while lit up for witnesses to see. Of course, it isn’t just thieves that motion sensors detect at night. Often, motion-activated lights will pick up on the activity of local wildlife, or even trees rustling in the wind. This can lead to a good deal of wasted energy, especially with incandescent lighting. Installing energy efficient LED lights can help to reduce your power consumption, and thus, your carbon emissions without forcing you to make compromises on your security setup. What’s more, you’ll save on your electricity bills each month, giving you more disposable income to enjoy.

Thermal Efficiency

Many homeowners replace the windows of their house with thick or toughened glass to make break-ins less likely. Also, the added bonus of thicker glass for windows is its eco-friendly qualities, as it is known to retain heat better than thinner varieties. Homeowners can lose a significant amount of heat in the wintertime through their windows, forcing them to use more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. With thicker security glass, however, families can heat and cool their homes more efficiently without worrying as much about energy loss.

Safety Sensors

Sometimes, threats to our property don’t come from outside the house. Homes can also suffer due to water leaks and extreme temperatures. Specialized sensors can help homeowners to monitor potential problem areas in their house, making them aware of any leaks, frozen pipes, or overheating attics before their home suffers any permanent damage. These sensors also help to prevent you from wasting unnecessary water or energy.

The latest safety tech can help to protect both your family and your environment in a world where carbon emissions are running rampant. By replacing old or outdated security systems with new, energy efficient models, homeowners can work to reduce their carbon footprint. Energy efficient lights, thick windows, and security sensors can all help to keep your house safe, both inside and out.

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