Rechargeable Battery-Powered LED Emergency Light


  • Prepared for Power Outages: This reliable emergency light for power failures is equipped with three replaceable li-ion 18650 3.7v rechargeable batteries; the 636V2 has a continuous operating runtime of 21.5 hours on high-power, and 48 hours on low-power
  • Bright and Long Lasting: Offering 80 lumens on the low-power setting and 140 lumens on the high-power setting
  • Three Modes: From the gentle and dim “Night Light” mode to the “Emergency” and “Auto” power outage modes which turn the emergency light on automatically during an outage, the 636V2 can be adjusted to meet your needs
  • Mountable and Portable: The integrated handle lets you carry this emergency light and use it as a powerful flashlight, and you can swivel the heads to shine light in different directions; the keyholes on the back allow you to mount the light onto walls
  • No Wiring Necessary: Apart from its 10ft charging cable, the 636V2 requires no wiring to be installed or operated, making it a portable and hassle-free solution for lighting up power outages
  • Package Includes: The 636V2 comes with three replaceable, rechargeable li-ion 18650 3.7v batteries, as well as a 10ft USB C charging cable and a USB wall charger


Product info

Product info

Better and brighter, the 636V2 brings you the best in Ideal Security’s automatic, long-lasting rechargeable LED emergency lights for power outages.

Featuring three modes, you can customize your use of the 636V2 to fit the bill in any darkened situation. Whether you’re in need of a standard emergency light with the “Emergency” mode, a gentle accent light with our “Night Light” mode, or an “Auto” mode for the best of both worlds, you’ll find yourself in good hands with the 636V2’s optimized and improved performance.

Between the efficient low-power setting which offers 80 lumens and 48 hours of light or the intense high-power setting which emits 140 lumens and 21.5 hours of light, you can adjust the brightness to suit your needs. The included long-lasting li-ion 18650 3.7v rechargeable battery can be fully charged in 24 hours and can also be replaced when needed.

Where the 636V2 shines is in its capabilities to automatically brighten your space in your time of need. Once you plug in the 636V2 with its 10 ft. USB-C charging cable and set it to either the Auto or Emergency mode, as soon as a power outage occurs the 636V2 will detect the loss of power and instantly illuminate your surroundings.

Its sleek casing comes with an integrated handle, letting you carry the lightweight emergency light to shine your path. The integrated keyholes allow you to mount the light on any wall. And if you’re torn between having a stationary or portable light, the casing’s stable stand lets you set the emergency light on any shelf, table, or flat surface.

When unexpected power outages and electrical failures strike, you can trust in the 636V2 to be your beacon of light in the dark.

This light has been designed as a residential product. It is not a CSA/UL certified emergency light that may be required in some environments. Check with your local work-safety associations if 636V2 is approved for your application.

Packaging info

Packaging info

Unit Dimensions

  • Length: 6.61" / 16.78cm
  • Width: 2.32" / 5.89cm
  • Height: 6.14" / 15.59cm
  • Weight: 1.6lb / 0.7kg
  • Item UPC: 05694760043-8

Package Dimensions:

  • Length: 6.85" / 13.79cm
  • Width: 2.68" / 6.8cm
  • Height: 6.42" / 16.3cm
  • Weight: 1.7lb / 0.77kg
  • Master UPC: 05694760043-8
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