Garaga’s Most Common Garage Door Problems, and how to solve them

Garaga‘s one of the top North American garage door manufacturers, so when they talk we listen.


They recently posted a list of the most common garage door problems they encounter, and some suggested solutions.

Garaga’s Top 5 Most Common Problems with Garage Doors

  1. The door opens or closes with a thud
  2. The door has come off its hinges
  3. Sometimes the door opens and sometimes it doesn’t…
  4. When closing, the door goes down a little and then suddenly goes back up
  5. There’s a power outage!

The good news is, they provide some easy DIY ideas for how to solve those problems. For instance, if your garage door is closing too hard, you may need to replace your springs (with something like Ideal Security’s Garage Door Extension Springs).

You can see their whole article here:

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