How to Create the Perfect Art and Crafting Space For Your Kids


Arts and crafts are a great way to spend quality time with your kids. Not only is it a lot of fun, but these activities also encourage them to be creative and resourceful, too. There are a few things to consider when designing the perfect space for arts and crafts.

Firstly, think about what needs to be in the space. What do your kids like to do? What do they want to create? And how do they want the space to be decorated? Let your kids take the lead on this. As a place where they can let their imagination run wild, letting them decide what they want to see from the get-go will make it a space they will love to use.


Once you’ve decided what activities you want to do, you’ll need the right equipment. Make sure to stock up on lots of colourful materials. For a few basic ideas, try craft paper, old magazines for collages, paints, glitter, and felt-tip pens to kick things off. For craft equipment such as scissors and glue, make sure it is suitable for children. Aim for enough variety to enable a range of different kinds of arts and crafts.

Custom Furniture

A great way to add fun and functionality to your art space is to customise a pre-made piece of furniture. The popular Latt table from Ikea is perfect for this. Straight out of the box, these low flatpack tables make perfect surfaces for kids to do arts and crafts. But with just a few simple modifications, you can make it even better. To customise the look, try giving it a new lick of paint in your kids’ favourite colours, or adding upholstering to the chairs for better comfort. You could also add things that make it easier for your kids to do the activities they love. Mounting holders for pens, paints, and paper will mean they have everything they need at hand to create cherished artworks.

Art Wall
Once your kids have produced a few stunning masterpieces, designate one wall in your art and crafting space as the display gallery. This lets your kids see how far they’ve come, and take inspiration from what they have already accomplished. As a proud parent, it will become a heart-warming visualisation of how your kids have grown in confidence over the years.


On the practical side, think about how you will organise the space. Between tools, materials, and all the other bits and pieces which you’ll be using, a mess can get out of hand quickly. Storage boxes are the ideal solution. Different sizes of tip-out storage bins let you have a place for everything. Showing your kids how to keep things tidy is a great lesson for the future.

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Storage boxes also use space efficiently. This frees up space for other uses without requiring your arts and crafts set-up to go without certain elements. Installing a shipping container is another easy way to add more room to your home without undergoing major renovations. This could allow you to have a whole room dedicated to the endless fun of creating new things!

Carving out a space in the home for arts and crafts is a fun way to create lasting memories with your kids, no matter their age. These tips should help you on your way to creating a fun and functional art and crafting space. The rest is up to you! Just like when your kids create, the only limit is your imagination.

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