How our SK636 & SK638 Lights-Out Emergency Lights are used by governments, healthcare, hotels and more worldwide

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Every so often we notice an order that grabs our attention.

For example in September 2017, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we were contacted by the president of a Florida-based development company. He needed 24 of our longest-lasting emergency LED backup lights delivered within 48 hours to resume operations at one of their beachfront hotels. Amazon was sold-out (no surprise there, under the circumstances), and his guests were literally left in the dark.

We helped them out, and it’s a great story to share. But they’re not the only ones.

Hospitals, hotels, government buildings, condos, apartments… They all need backup lighting for emergencies and power failures. Building codes require hard-wired lights that are super expensive and provide only the bare minimum of lighting (as little as 30 minutes of light at a cost of over $6/minute). It’s not cost-effective to provide real, long-lasting, site-wide lighting using those units.

On the other hand, Ideal Security’s battery-powered emergency LED lights aren’t designed to satisfy the code requirements. They’re designed instead to be cost-effective complements. affordable enough. With dead simple installation, costs as low as $0.02/minute and providing up to 48 hours of continuous light you can use our lamps to dramatically increase the safety of our facility and provide peace-of-mind for both staff and guests.

Read more below about how commercial sites around the world are using Ideal Security Lights-Out battery-powered backup lights.


Dallas, Texas

When: December 2018

Who: A 1,600-room hotel in the Market Center and Design District with over 600,000 ft2 of event space

Why: To be used as table-top lamps in the case of a power outage, complementing the code-required exit lighting already in place which provides only the bare minimum of lighting.

We have a large facility and sometimes when the power goes out for any reason at night it can get a little dark. The lights will be stored in our fire control room and will be dispersed by our security personnel in the event of a power outage.

Delray Beach, Florida

When: September 2017

Who: A beachfront hotel & spa

Why: In the aftermath of hurriance Irma, with power unreliable and no ETA on recovery, this hotel needed high-capacity additional lighting to get back up and running.

This is very important so we can resume operations after the storm.


Soldotna, Alaska

When: October 2018

Who:  The lab in a full-service hospital

Why: The lab was unable to hook up to the main hospital backup generator.

We need so many because we have to put them in every room- it’s a safety issue if we have a needle in a patient’s arm and the power goes out. It took quite a bit of research to find something that we were happy with.

Northern Haiti

When: January 2016

Who: The medical volunteers’ residence

Why: With a low budget and international volunteers regularly rotating in and out, they needed reliable, high-capacity, and cost-effective lights in the common areas.

We have about 400 volunteers a year and operate solely on generator power which goes off sometimes. These are important to the safety of the volunteers – especially since they are unfamiliar with the layout. I have other power failure lights in key places at the hospital, but not any with the capability of your product.


Page, Arizona

When: February 2019

Who: A federal government bureau in Page, Arizona

Why: They placed them “through out the facility so in the event of an emergency or power failure our personnel would have light to find their way to safety.”

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