Holmes on Ladder Safety

In his Safety First column this week, Mike Holmes took aim at ladder safety.

He raised basic ladder safety guidelines, such as

  • Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder (2 feet and one hand, for example);
  • Use the 4:1 rule to maintain a proper ladder angle;
  • Make sure your ladder is stable

On that last point, he also noted that there are products out there to help. Products like, for instance, our Ladder-Aide.

General ladder safety maintains that you should always have three points of contact on the ladder at all times. When placing your ladder, use the four to one rule: for every four feet you have to climb, bring the base of the ladder out an extra foot. Place your ladder carefully. There are products on the market that provide a stable base to place your ladder in, no matter what kind of surface it’s on. When paired with common sense, these can help you prevent ladder kick-out.

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