How to replace and install an in-swing storm and screen door handle set. ( ISB1 )

ISB1 Handle Set for In-swinging Storm & Screen doors.jpg



This handle set is designed specifically for In-swinging doors only.

The inside surface must be flush with the door jamb ( Fig. 1)

Installation instructions:

  1. Print the included Drilling Template at 1 :1 scaling.
    Use a ruler to verify that it is 1 : 1 scale.
  2.  With the door closed, place the template on the inside surface of the door.
    Make sure you align the dotted line on the template with the edge of the door jamb, not the edge of the door.  ( Fig. 2 )
  3. Mark the location of all holes to be drilled with a centre punch.
    Drill three  1/4″  holes straight through the door.
    Drill two  3/16th”  holes to 1″ depth.  ( Fig 3 )
  4. Fasten the handle set and the strike in place on the door.



ISB1 Scale Installation Template
ISB1 Installation Template.PNG

Installation Diagrams


Installation Dimensions:




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