Using lights to notify your neighbors of problems


We recently got a great question about our SK627 Temperature Alarm from

Can I get this to turn on a lamp so that low temps can be observed from outside my home?

We thought this was a super clever question.

Cottage life

We already know that our SK6 Home Monitoring Series is great for monitoring a cottage or vacation home, where you may not have internet service or want an expensive, complicated smart-home system. Our system works over regular ol’ landline telephones, doesn’t require WiFi, and works on batteries even during a power failure. It can alert you by phone to low temperatures, power failures, leaks, floods, and more.

But what if your cottage doesn’t even have a land-line?

Or you’re going on vacation and will be unreachable?

Or you’re hours away from your cottage – What will you do once you find out about a problem?

Notify your neighbors with light

A clever way to address those problems – and make sure your friends or neighbors can respond to a problem in your home – is to add a SK635 A/C Outlet Controller into your system. With the SK635, you can use any regular floor-lamp or desk-lamp to signify a problem.


Plug the SK635 into your A/C wall outlet, plug the lamp or light into the SK635, and turn on the lamp. By pairing the SK635 to a power failure sensor, a water sensor, a temperature sensor, or any of our other sensors, the lamp will turn itself on when triggered by one of those sensors.

Train your neighbors

Now all you have to do is train your neighbors. Put the lamp in your front window, and tell your neighbors to watch out for it. If they see lights on in the house, they’ll know there’s a problem. If they’ve got a spare key, they can go in and shut off the water, flip the breaker, or call for help if there’s a more serious problem.

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