Protecting her parents

In September, we received a question from Kim B, asking about setting up a SK6 Series security system on a cable VoIP line.

From: Kim B


I purchased a security system for my parents not realizing their home phone runs thru their cable package and not phone lines. Is there any way to make the system work with this type of connection? If not, is there another system that is compatible with cable phone?

Our SK6 Series security system is designed for reliability. One of its top features is that it doesn’t need an internet or WiFi connection, and that it can work even through power outages (when your internet service would go down). To offer the level of reliability and compatibility we wanted, we designed it to run on regular landlines.

So we asked Kim more about her situation. She told us that she was looking for a system to provide some security for her aging parents. There had been some break-ins in their area recently, and they wanted to put in place an easy but reliable system that would provide some additional security in their home.

It is actually for my parents. They just need a basic security system as there have been some break ins in their area.

In the end, Kim and her parents decided they didn’t really need a remote notification system.

[My parents] decided to do a more simple system and did not really think they needed to get a call from the alarm and a simple alarm/siren would suffice.

A local alert and siren would be enough, they felt, to deter intruders and give her parents the advanced notice to respond by calling the police or their children themselves, if needed. Our SK6 Series includes a wide range of both sensors and alarms designed to be fully customizable to consumers’ needs. Kim and her parents were able to put together a local alert system that suited their needs.

Thanks for the story, Kim!

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