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How Physical Security Helps Mitigate Cyber Threats In The Smart Home

Guest post from Ralph Goodman, over at the Lock Blog. Thanks Ralph! The smart home has increased in popularity over the past couple of years, and it has helped set the standard for what people will expect out of their homes in years to come. Lightning fast connectivity and integration with several different devices was […] ... Read More

Protecting her parents

In September, we received a question from Kim B, asking about setting up a SK6 Series security system on a cable VoIP line. From: Kim B Hello I purchased a security system for my parents not realizing their home phone runs thru their cable package and not phone lines. Is there any way to make […] ... Read More

Protecting The Environment While Protecting Your Home

You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your family. Having the latest home security tech installed can help to protect your family against intruders and deter thieves from breaking and entering while you’re on holiday. The most advanced security solutions don’t just keep your home safe, though. They also help to […] ... Read More

How to secure a window with an air conditioner installed

Burglars commonly choose houses with window air conditioning units. When doing market research for our new window security bars, we developed a lot knowledge about the best ways to secure a window with an air conditioner installed. We thought it would be worth sharing, so here’s what we found. ... Read More

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