6 Great Ways Enhance Your Curb Appeal


A striking front entrance makes a statement about you and your home. It serves as a greeting point for guests and gives the first impression about what to expect inside. And if you have future plans to sell your property, real estate agents agree that it’s one of the best ways to attract buyers and increase your home’s value. Impress your friends and neighbors with these ideas to spruce up your home’s front entrance.

1. Upgrade the Front Door

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The front door is the main focal point of your home’s entrance. A front door in shoddy condition can detract from the appearance of the whole house. Washing, refinishing or repainting it using an eye-catching color is a simple and easy project that will make a dramatic difference. Another simple improvement is replacing your door’s hardware. Replace both the doorknob and storm door handle with shiny new ones. Consider adding or upgrading accessories such as house numbers, a door knocker, and a mailbox. If your front door is in poor condition, you’ll get a good return on investment by replacing it. Add a pretty seasonal wreath and a tasteful doormat.

2. Add Charm With Paving Stones

Paving stones are perfect for creating a charming and inviting entry. Install either a paver stone porch or patio, walkway, or paver stairs separately, or go all the way paver stone with all three. Paver stones come in a variety of shapes and colors and go well with any architectural style from traditional to modern. Paving stones are also durable and slip-resistant for active families. The visual appeal and value of your property will instantly increase without a large investment.

3. Create a Seating Area

Outdoor living areas are most often reserved for the backyard. Do away with this tradition and add a conversation area on or near the front porch. This can be accomplished with something as simple as a pretty wrought iron bistro set. The front yard will be more functional as you’ll have a place to sit and enjoy your morning coffee or cold drink in the afternoon. You’ll make the statement that you want to invite guests to sit and chat.

4. Repaint the Trim

Refresh your home’s facade by repainting the trim around windows, fascia, porch railings, awnings, and the front door. It’s another easy and affordable way to spice up your home’s entry. Make the job easier and quicker by using the same color. But don’t be afraid to change the color to complement or contrast with the rest of your home. Be sure to scrape and sand peeling paint first.

5. Plant Flowers and Shrubs

Seasonal flowers add a dash of interest and color to your home’s entry, and shrubs provide year-round greenery. Plant them in beds or large containers. The foundation of a home is usually the most unattractive part. If it’s visible, camouflage it with flowering shrubs such as azaleas and hydrangeas. Choose plants that grow three to four feet in height. Add a good mulch around flower beds and shrubbery for a neat and finished look. You can find sites online with hundreds of flower options. Just find the right ones for you!

6. Practice Good Lawn Care Habits

If your lawn is weedy, overgrown, has brown patches or bald spots, it will be hard for everything else you’ve accomplished to shine. Lawn care is a science and an art. Learn the ways to make your lawn look its best. This includes best practices for watering, fertilizing, and mowing for each season. If lawn care is just too much to keep up with, or if you live in a drought-prone area, consider alternatives such as artificial turf or hardscaping.

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