6 Ways to Organize Your Workshop

workshop bins organization

Even the most organized people in the world have at one time had a messy workshop. Thus, you are not alone. Sometimes, you need to place everything in strategic places just to enhance positivity while at work because positive energy increases productivity and efficiency. There’re many ways to organize your workshop, but this article focuses on the six most effective ways.

1. Mobile tool cart

mobile tool cart

There must be tools you use every day. You keep carrying them from one place to another. Make your work easier by getting a trolley for such equipment, so as you move around the shop you push the cart along hence you don’t have to keep going back and forth.

The cart should have:

  1. A bin for pieces like bolts and nails
  2. Hooks on the sides to hang hammers and cords
  3. A flat surface on the top where you can place other tools

 2. Pegboards

pegboard with tools

You don’t move with all the tools all day long. Thus another way to organize your workplace is by use of pegboards. These are flat pieces of wood or metal, with hooks (pegs) where you can hang your instruments.

Consider creating large boards that you can suspend from the roof, to store as many tools as possible. Such boards are efficient for you can see each instrument from far. Thus you save time and energy.

 3. Tilt Bins


Tilt bins – the new trend in storage – are clear, heavy-duty containers that you can mount on the wall the way you would do shelves. Plus they come in different sizes and color-coded handles. You can get all the colors you want!

You don’t need to build cabinets if you have tilt bins. The containers serve the same purpose as cabinets. However, to retrieve something from the container, you tilt it instead of sliding it in and out like a drawer.

After you get your bins, you can put similar items in containers with the same color handles and organize the containers in rows from the floor to the ceiling. Since the material used to make the containers is transparent, you can see what each bin contains.

Learn more about Ideal BNZ Tilt Out Bins at www.idealinc.com

TB52GB - Filled F

The Ideal BNZ Tilt Out Bins are available the following models. Most tip out bin models except for the 2-bin model are available in white with blue handles or grey with blue handles. These tilt out bins are available in Canada and in the United States.

  • 2-Bin Plastic Stackable Organizer
  • 3-Bin Plastic Stackable Organizer
  • 4-Bin Plastic Stackable Organizer
  • 5-Bin Plastic Stackable Organizer
  • 6-Bin Plastic Stackable Organizer
  • 21-Bin Plastic Stackable Organizer

TB42WB-Filled B

 4. Shelves and cabinets

workshop garage shelves and cabinet

Another way to organize your workshop is by use of shelves and cabinets. Thus, mount shelves along the walls of your shop and label each shelf for specific types of instruments. You can mount them from the floor to the roof, or have some in front of others.

Cabinets are perfect for files and small instruments like bolts and tapes. Nevertheless, tilt bins are a better investment than the good old cabinets. Yes, they are.

5. Designating specific work stations for particular tasks

 You have tucked your paraphernalia in neat rows along the walls and under the working benches. The next thing is to allocate a specific area for each task you do in the shop. That way, you can place instruments needed for that task beneath, next to or close to the work station.             

 6. The attic and the basement

Walk around your workshop. Identify things that you don’t need and things you have in duplicates. Do you need three items that have the same purpose? Leave one at the workstation, and keep the rest in the attic or basement. See how much room you have created!


Whichever way you choose, aim for feng shui.  Your chi will thank you for creating harmony and balance at your workplace. Finally, you need fresh and clean air flowing in the room all day long for the sake of your health. A small machine, like Coway air purifier, is the perfect cut for that.

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