Another pet-owner hack for the SK630 Pressure Mat

Reddit user @aveldina has found yet another use for the incredibly versatile SK630 Pressure Mat Alarm with Chime.

In her post Made a chime/beeping mat for running contact training!, aveldina explains how she used the SK630, along with a yoga mat, to train her border collie on a dogwalk course!

So, the pressure mat itself is a purchased mat. This is the mat. I purchased one from amazon for about $30 Canadian. The mat is not the full size of the contact, it’s just over a foot wide and almost 22″ long. I use a yoga mat to cover it and attach it to the dogwalk,

Vi’s running contact is trained with the Silvia Trkman method, and well lots of help from Silvia too. When I am training running contacts with her, I focus on well centered or deep hits (where one foot is still hitting well centered). So for me the short design of the mat is actually good since I only want it ringing for hits in the center of the contact anyway. Silvia’s method focuses a lot on the running, and initially prioritizes running – so you don’t really worry about marking hits until you have good running in place without leaping.

She also posted a video of the course in action, on YouTube:


We’re always excited here at Ideal to see the outlier, long tail use cases for our products. Listening to our customers has really opened our eyes to all the different ways people use our pressure mat, especially when it comes to pet training.

Thanks @aveldina!

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