Child Safety Items for Caregivers

Do you have a pool? Is it safe?

Ideal’s SK644 Swimming Pool Gate Alarm was recently listed as the reference product in a county-wide child safety project, and with good reason.

Drowning is, unfortunately, the most common cause of accidental death among children, and most drownings occur in home swimming pools. Even worse, these tragedies are completely avoidable.

The county’s criteria for approving a swimming pool gate safety alarm were:

  • Wired connection to the sensors
  • Battery backup
  • Alerts when the gate or door opens
  • Has a 105dB alarm, which sounds until the pass-code is entered
  • Two (dual) contact sensors for optional setup including both a patio and a screen door
  • Can be used on sliding and swinging doors, as well as fences and gates
  • Has a weather resistant housing
  • Quick and easy installation

Our SK644 Gate & Pool Alarm met all these requirements, which is why they listed it as their product of choice in this category. We are very proud of the safety and convenience features we’ve built into it, so that you can keep your children (and your neighbors’ children) safe.

What if you don’t have a pool gate?

In addition to door and gate alarms, you should consider a motion sensor for your pool area. These are useful if you don’t have a gate or door leading to your pool, or if you want a different type of security.

Our motion sensors have pleasant chime options, and can be easily turned off when it’s safe to be in the pool area. They’re wireless, so you can put the alarm unit somewhere central, and battery-powered so the sensor can be placed in an out-of-the-way corner. And they come in both white and charcoal grey, to match your decor.


What else can I do?

The same project included some other devices to keep children safe around the home.

For instance, they listed window  alarms with chime modes, on/off switches, and easy adhesive-based installation. Yep, we’ve got those. They’re also great for in-home doors, to keep your children from entering areas they shouldn’t be. Better yet, our wireless contacts have built-in alarms, but can also all speak to a central alarm unit so you be alerted no matter where you are in the house.

Finally, we also carry childproof outlet covers.

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