Discontinued: Pressure Mat Alarm With Chime


  • Pressure-sensitive mat alerts you to comings and goings of visitors, intruders, family members, or pets
  • Suitable for outdoor use when covered with a waterproof welcome mat
  • 3 modes: Loud alarm (for security); pleasant chime (for convenience); Off (when you don’t want alerts)
  • Alarm volume: 105dB; Chime volume: 90 Db
  • Mat dimensions: 21.75” x 13.75”
  • Easy setup, no installation required. Alarm can be wall-mounted or not
  • Battery operated (9V battery not included)
  • Wire length between alarm and sensor: 30 feet (10 m)
  • Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C (14°F– 122°F); Trigger sensitivity 1 lb per square inch (PSI)




Product info

Product info

Get notified of visitors, intruders, or passers by with the SK630 Pressure Mat Alarm. The sensor is triggered when stepped on, activating a pleasant chime or loud alarm.

2 modes: Alarm and chime

With both alarm and chime modes, use the SK630 to add security or convenience. In Alarm mode, the sensor will trigger a loud (105dB) 30 second alarm. In Chime mode, it triggers a “Ding dong,” which sounds twice each time the mat is stepped on. The alarm also has an easy “Off” position, if there are times when you don’t want it to sound.


The SK630 is great in a variety of scenarios: Place it in front of entrance ways to get alerted to visitors or intruders. Use it at the top or bottom of stairs, in front of cabinets, or in other areas where little children should not be. Keep it next to the beds of children or the elderly who have a habit of wandering. It’s also great for pets! Keep it at your back door to know when your dog or cat wants to go outside or come back in.
The mat sensor (21.75” x 13.75”) is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It is not water proof, but can be placed underneath a water proof welcome mat, and can operate in cold temperatures (to -10°C).
The alarm unit is connected to the mat with 30 feet (10 meters) of very thin wire, so you can place the alarm unit in a convenient location. The alarm unit can be wall-mounted with the included hardware, but it does not connect wirelessly to the mat.



Technical specifications

The mat is designed to be sensitive to even small animals. It will be triggered by anything exerting more than 1lb per square inch (PSI).
The alarm unit uses a 9V battery, not included. Based on an average of 20 triggers per day, a new battery will last approximately 5 months. There is no A/C adaptor available.
The wire between the alarm and the sensor extends up to 30 feet (10 m) 
There is no volume control for either alarm or chime modes.
Avoid prolonged use under very heavy objects. The mat is not suitable for automotive use, and is designed for a maximum weight of 350 lbs (160 kg)



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Packaging info

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