Patio Door Security Bar With Anti-Lift Lock, 25.75" to 47.5"


  • Sliding Door Lock: This sliding door security bar with a childproof lock acts as a visual deterrent against burglars who can see it clearly through the glass. The anti-lift childproof locking system prevents the bar from being lifted
  • Adjustable Security Bar: This sliding door lock easily extends from 25.75 to 47.5 inches and can be installed on patio doors, sliding glass doors, and it can also act as a balcony door lock; it can be adjusted to allow the door to partially open for ventilation while being secured and locked
  • Perfect For Patio Door & Pet-Door Installation: The incremental lock adjustment allows you to install pet doors, or leave the door open for ventilation, all while locking your sliding door in a secure position; use the rotating bracket to move the door stopper upwards and to the side for compact storage
  • Indoor Security: The patio door security bar and saddle are screwed into the door frame and profile, providing reliable protection, unlike the pressure-mounted bars that can shake loose and fall; with its simple installation and sturdy build, the sliding door security bar will remain securely mounted in place
  • Comfortable Height: This door blocker mounts in the middle of the door, allowing you to install it out of the reach of children and preventing the need to bend down or reach high to adjust the security bar
  • Reliable Home Security: The sturdy mounting bar adds a visual deterrent and enhances your patio door security, making would-be thieves turn back when they see the sliding glass door security bar blocking the door from opening
  • Package Includes: Adjustable sliding door security bar with rotating bracket, saddle bracket, childproof anti-lift lock, and all necessary screws for installation


Product info

Product info

Patio Door Security Bar


Having a security bar on your sliding patio door can enhance your home security to help prevent your patio door from being forced opened; they also act as visual deterrents for intruders, and the anti-lift lock prevents the sliding door security bar from being lifted by children. The 110 door security bar fits most standard sliding patio doors and slides from 25.75” to 47.5” wide, so it can be installed with no cutting. Simply fasten the brackets at either end of the bar to your door frame with just a few screws. The saddle can be installed on the door jamb or door frame in two different positions, depending on whether your door is on the inside or outside track. The patio door security bar can be mounted at the middle of the door rather than the bottom, allowing you to open your door without bending down to reach the bar and it conveniently swings up and stays out of the way when not in use. The bar can be easily adjusted and locked at any width, so you can lock your door in a slightly open position for ventilation. The door security bars are child-proof with an anti-lift lock so that the bars can’t be lifted by children without supervision. Ideal Security has been supplying quality hardware to North American homes since 1956. Please explore our other security and protection products for your home.

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