Wireless Bed Alarm For Fall Prevention For Elderly


  • BED PRESSURE PAD ALARM FOR FALL PREVENTION – this bed alarm for elderly will detect when patient’s weight is no longer on the pressure sensitive pad and will send a signal to a wireless receiver that sounds a 95db alarm, alerting a caregiver in another room.
  • 6 BED EXIT ALARM TONES AVAILABLE PLUS TRULY SILENT MODE. The truly silent mode (flashing light) provides discrete alerts to help keep the patient's environment truly noise-free. Unlike other brands there is no loud clicking noise when the bed pressure pad alarm is triggered in silent mode. The bed exit alarm can be placed up to 130 ft /40 m (line of sight) away from the transmitter so there’s no alarm in patient's room.
  • LARGE IP44 SPLASH RESISTANT PRESSURE SENSITIVE PAD provides ample surface area coverage for reliable indication of patient’s movement - 30” W x 14” L, and only 3/16” thick (762 x 355 x 4.75 mm).
  • REPLACEABLE BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED) AND BED PAD SENSORS. The wireless transmitter uses 2 x AAA batteries with a lifespan of one year in standby mode and the receiver uses 3 x C batteries. The batteries can be easily replaced, with a low battery indicator alerting you before the batteries die. Soiled or damaged sensor pad alarm can also be easily replaced.
  • LINK MULTIPLE TRANSMITTERS AND RECEIVERS - Up to 6 transmitters can be linked to one receiver. Ideal for caregivers with multiple patients and/or to have positioned on multiple surfaces throughout a home (bed, wheelchair, sofa). A single transmitter can also be linked to multiple receivers, triggering alerts on all receivers at the same time. Allowing caregiver to have alarms in multiple rooms.
  • ELDERLY BED ALARM KIT CONTAINS: 1 x alarm pad for bed, 1 x transmitter, 1 x wireless receiver (alarm). Batteries required: 3 x C for alarm, 2 x AAA for transmitter. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED. Optional AC Adapter available for receiver (SKU: SK600CHG1BL, sold separately)


Product info

Product info

Preventing falls and unwanted mobility can be a top-of-mind concern for caregivers and relatives looking after the wellbeing of their patients or elderly loved ones who have limited mobility due to aging, dementia, surgery recovery, and illness. When caring for someone who is at risk of injury due to mobility, you need the peace of mind to carry out your day-to-day responsibilities and the peace of mind to get a good night’s rest with a reliable system to alert you of your cared-for’s unwanted movements when you can’t be by their side.

Easy to set-up, and comes paired right of out the box

The BK6311 bed pad alarm works by placing the weight sensing pad on a surface that the cared-for will sit or lay on such as a bed, sofa, or wheelchair. When their weight is removed from sensing pad, a wireless signal is immediately sent from the transmitter to the receiver and sounds a 95dB alarm which is loud enough to alert/wake you without disturbing others in the same living space. With the BK6311, you’re also in charge of how you want to be alerted, with 6 different alarm tones and three different alarm durations to choose from. (The alarm durations are specific to the tones: Two tones have 10 second duration, two have 30 second durations, and two repeat until the alert is dismissed (for the duration of the battery’s life)).

When only a discreet alert is needed, a truly silent mode with flashing light is available. Unlike other products on the market, the alarm does not have to be reset after it sounds. Signal transmission range from the transmitter to the receiver is 130 ft (40 meters), line of sight, which means that you can place the receiver out of the cared-for’s earshot and carry it with you as you move around to ensure you don’t miss an alert. A single transmitter can also be linked to multiple receivers, triggering alerts on all receivers at the same time, allowing you to have alarms in multiple rooms.

The bed pad is comfortable to sit and sleep on and can easily be moved from bed to chair. You can also pair multiple units to your alarm and position them in the rooms that are used the most. Each transmitter can be programmed with its own unique sound (95dB).


We recommend placing the weight sensing pad under a washable bedding or incontinence pad and placing the weight sensing pad under the shoulders or hips, where the most consistent contact is made with the bed. Generally, the shoulders provide the most consistent performance, but the user may find the pad more comfortable if placed under the hips. If user tosses and turns frequently at night, they may experience more false alarms. Try different positions to optimize for comfort and reliability.


We recommend hiding away the wires under the bed structure and/or taping the wires onto a wall or floor. A loose wire may present a fall hazard. Be sure to test the function before using. If the protective layer is too heavy, it may prevent the weight sensing pad from properly detecting weight changes.


The sensor pad is IP44 rated water resistant meaning it can withstand slight splashes of liquid, but it is not waterproof and is not designed for submersion in water. The pads are easily replaceable if they are damaged or badly soiled. To clean the pad, we recommend using household wipes. If soiled, you may also clean the pad by mixing a mild soap or vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Lightly spray the pad on both sides, taking care not to spray near the connector jack or where the wire enters the pad. Wipe down with a dry sponge or towel.

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