Steel Garage Door Rollers


  • Replacement rollers for residential and commercial garage doors
  • These are commercial grade rollers, better than the standard OEM rollers included with most garage doors
  • Steel wheels are extra durable for long lifespan
  • 10 ball-bearings per wheel provide smooth operation
  • Available for 2" tracks (SK7121 / SK7171) and 3" tracks (SK7125)
  • Available with 4" stems (SK7121, SK7125, SK7171) for standard single-hinge installations
  • SK7121 Two rollers per blister pack
  • SK7171 Ten rollers per box


Product info

Product info

Replacement garage door rollers for home use. Perfect for replacing old, worn, noisy, or broken rollers. Garage door rollers are easy to replace yourself.

Steel wheels with 10 ball-bearings

Standard wheels are made of nylon and wear out. Our solid steel wheels offer the ultimate in durability, so you can be sure they'll last for years to come. Each roller contains ten ball bearings, for smooth operation.

Sizing details

These rollers come in multiple sizes:

Wheel diameter:

  • 2" wheels: For the standard 2" tracks on most residential doors. SK7121 & SK7171
  • 3" wheels: For the wider 3" tracks on commercial or heavy doors. SK7124 & SK7125

Stem/shaft length:
The stem slides into the hinges on the outer edge of the door.

  • 4” stems: For standard single-hinge installations. SK7121, SK7125, & SK7171
  • 7" stems: For heavier double-hinged doors. SK7124
  • For hinges, see our SK7101, SK7102, and SK7103



For best results

The average residential garage door has 10 rollers on it. For smooth and easy opening and closing, and to extend the life of the electric door opener, change all rollers at the same time or when adding a new electric opener.
Always work carefully and secure the door before starting your replacement.



Packaging info

Packaging info









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