Lights Out Battery Powered LED Emergency Light


  • Up to 40 hours of light with one lamp on, or 20 hours with two lamps.
  • On-off switch to conserve power through long power failures
  • Night-light mode offers soft lighting activated at dusk by photocell
  • Rechargeable, maintenance-free, replaceable 6V battery will last many years
  • Portable, with detachable AC adapter and built-in carrying handle
  • No wiring necessary: Plug in to any electrical outlet, forget about it, and be ready when the power goes out
  • Adjustable heads with long life bright LED bulbs
  • AC Adapter length: 6' (2m)



Product info

Product info

Lights Out Battery Powered Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

Always Ready When You Need It
Don’t leave your family in the dark. Be ready for even extended power failures with LIGHTS OUT, a long lasting, rechargeable, LED safety light. Simply plug it in to any standard electrical outlet with the removable 6' AC adapter, choose your settings, and you’ll be ready when the lights go out.

Long lasting

We combined a powerful, rechargeable 6 volt battery with high intensity and energy-saving LEDs. The result is an emergency back-up light that lasts up to 20 hours using both lamps, and up to 40 hours when set to a single lamp.
The battery can be recharged over and over and the LED bulbs will last for years.

The “on-off” switch lets you turn off the lights when not needed, to conserve battery lifeduring a power failure. Many similar-looking models cannot be turned off, beware of imitations!

Portable and versatile

A photocell-controlled night light feature can provide soft lighting at night or in a dark area. Place the unit on a shelf or mount it on the wall in areas where safety lighting may be required.

The removable 6' AC adapter and the built-in handle make the LIGHTS OUT a great alternative to a flashlight for use as a hands-free work light in your shop, under the sink, or when doing auto repairs.


Keep it plugged in with the 6' UL-approved adapter and the light will always be ready when you need it.
The battery will last for many years if properly cared for, and is replaceable.

We recommend using the TEST button on a monthly basis to ensure that the battery charge is holding.

If left unplugged for extended periods, even in the off position, the battery will slowly drain.
Unplugged, the battery will hold power for 3 months. If left unplugged, the battery should be recharged every 3 months for 72 hours.

The LIGHTS OUT is for indoor installation use only.

LIGHTS OUT is backed by a one-year limited warranty.
























Packaging info

Packaging info


Unit Information
  • Item dimensions
    • cm: 15.24 X 17.78 X 13.97
    • inch: 6 X 7 X 5.5
    • kg: 1.41
    • lbs: 3.1
Packaging information
  • Units per Package: 1
  • Unit UPC: 056947600360
  • Package dimensions
    • cm: 16.51 X 20.32 X 15.24
    • inch: 6.5 X 8 X 6
    • kg: 1.41
    • lb: 3.1
  • Drop-ship box dimensions
    • cm: 16.99 X 22 X 18.21
    • inch: 6.69 X 8.66 X 7.17
    • kg: 0
    • lb: 0
Carton information
  • Units per Carton: 1
  • I2of5 Barcode:
  • Carton dimensions:
    • cm: 18.24 X 21.59 X 32.39
    • inch: 7.18 X 8.5 X 12.75
    • kg: 3.11
    • lbs: 6.85
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