DX Pull Handle Set with Back plate


  • Our innovative design is the easiest way to open screen doors: Pull to get in, push to get out
  • For doors that swing out (not in)
  • Replace or upgrade your existing push-button handle
  • The standard 1-3/4" hole center distance means it is compatible with most original, OEM, and after-market handles
  • Painted inside latch with night lock
  • Includes a solid strike, fasteners, and all the pieces you need for installation
  • For doors 1" to 2-1/8" thick
  • Add-on deadbolt (SK5) and keyed locks (SK703) are available for increased security


Product info

Product info

The easiest and most natural way to open a screen or storm door

No buttons to push or levers to turn, simply pull the handle and the door opens.Elegant and functional, this handle set will add convenience and style to any aluminum, wood or vinyl storm or screen door.

What's Included?

The set includes the outside handle, an inside latch and all installation accessories for a quick installation.

The inside latch features a night latch to lock the door from the inside only. For added security, an interior deadbolt (SK5) or a keyed deadlock (SK703) are available.


This handle will replace all storm and screen door handles that have 1-3/4 in. distance between the screw posts. The set will fit doors 1 in. to 2-1/8” thick. You may need to drill one small hole on the outside face of the door to secure the backplate.

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