Patio Door Security Bar (White) and Contact Sensor Bundle


  • BRING YOUR SECURITY TO ANOTHER LEVEL with our new bundle Security Bar + Door and window alarm!
  • "The best sliding door security bar" according to Business Insider meets our best selling alarm to provide you with unrivaled protection.
  • OUR BAR IS ADJUSTABLE: Easily slides from 25.75” to 47.5” to for easy installation without cutting. Lets you leave the door partially open while still being secured
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION ON MOST PATIO DOORS: Install the bar on either the inside or outside track (see instructions for more details). And install the alarm to the door/window frame.
  • NOT A PRESSURE-MOUNTED BAR: Pressure-mounted bars can shake loose and fall. The SK110 patio door security bar and saddle are screwed into the door frame and profile, providing reliable protection
  • COMFORTABLE HEIGHT: Mounts in the middle of the door, not on the bottom. Open your door without bending down to reach the bar.
  • VISUAL DETERRENT: Acts as visual deterrent against burglars who can see it clearly through the door for extra security
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY: Swings up and stays out of the way when not in use
  • Made of advanced lightweight and strong extruded aluminum (the same stuff used to build airplanes!)
This Package Includes: Quantity:
Patio Door Bar with Anti-Lift Lock (White) BK110W 1
Door and Window Contact Alarm BK604 1


Product info

Product info

Are you ready to take home security seriously? If so, we have what you need!

We decided to combine our best-selling security items in a single bundle to help you keep your family safe!

Our new bundle includes our security bar, which was chosen as "The best sliding door security bar" according to Business Insider, and our easy to install door and window alarm.

Our best-selling Patio Door Security features a childproof Anti-Lift Lock, easy installation and a One-touch adjustability for ventilation: The bar can be easily adjusted and locked at any width, so you can lock your door in a slightly open position, staying safe while still letting in some fresh air.

It’s adjustable from 25-1/2 in. to 47-1/2 in. wide, and it will easily fit most doors, so it can be installed with no cutting. Simply fasten the brackets at either end of the bar to your door frame with just a few screws. The saddle can be installed on the door jamb or door frame in two different positions, depending on whether your door is on the inside or outside track.

When not in use, you can pivot the bar up and store it out of the way in the doorframe.

Our bars are made of extruded aluminum (the same material used to in cars and airplanes) to be both lightweight and strong.

The alarm can be installed on the door/window frame in 30 seconds with the help of double-sided tape.

With a set up like this, you can rest knowing that you and your family are safe.

This bundle is comprised of the SK604 alarm and the Sk110W security bars




Packaging info

Packaging info

Unit Information
  • Item dimensions
    • cm: 66.04X 3.18 X 1.9
    • inch: 26 X 1.25 X 0.75
    • kg: 0.45
    • lbs: 1
Packaging information
  • Units per Package: 1
  • Unit UPC:
  • Package dimensions
    • cm: 71.12 X 5.08 X 8.13
    • inch: 28 X 2 X 3.2
    • kg: 0.45
    • lb: 1
  • Drop-ship box dimensions
    • cm: 71.12 X 8.13 X 5.08
    • inch: 28 X 3.2 X 2
    • kg: 0.68
    • lb: 1.5
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