Discontinued: Wireless Temperature Alarm


  • Wireless high and low temperature sensor and alarm
  • Detects and warns of severe temperature changes
  • Sensor activates built in 45 second alarm and a wireless signal is sent to Ideal's telephone dialer
  • Set low temperature at 5º C or 13º C (55.4º.F/41ºF) depending on your concern (freezing pipes or home comfort)
  • Built in high temperature warning at 35º C (95ºF)
  • Various applications: protect garages and cottages, provide comfort and security care for the elderly or infirm, and pets
  • High temperatures pose danger for the elderly living alone as well as to property
  • Links to Ideal's SK618, SK633 & SK642 Auto Dialers, and SK626 Siren





Wireless temperature sensor with alarm ( no batteries ) ( 1 pc per shippable ctn ) ( 36 pcs/outer ) DISCONTINUED Alarme de temperature sans fil / Discontinuer
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