Discontinued: Lights Out Battery Powered LED Emergency Light


  • Lights turn on automatically when power is lost or unplugged
  • Includes soft LED night light option with photocell sensor
  • Provides up to 16 hours of light on a full battery charge. 2 brightness settings
  • Maintenance free, rechargeable and replaceable 6-Volt lead acid battery. LED bulbs are not replaceable
  • Includes removable 6' AC adapter
  • Automatic emergency light can can be turned off if not needed
  • Portable and versatile, with many other uses around the home, garage or when travelling
  • Keep away from moisture and exterior applications
  • 6 Volt lead acid batteries includes approved ETL adapter




Product info

Product info

Be ready for an extended power failure with Ideal’s rechargeable, long-lasting, LED blackout light.

The SK638 is an automatic emergency power failure light that turns on when the power goes out. When plugged in with the UL-approved adapter, the lights come on as soon as the power goes out, and they last up to 16 hours. Unlike normal flashlights, the SK638 turns itself on, lighting your way in the dark. Lightweight and with a built-in carry handle, it's portable, versatile, and always ready when you need it.

This attractive unit will fit into the décor of any room in your home, adding safety and security with a touch of class.


The battery can be recharged over and over and the LED bulbs will last for years.
Simply plug the removable 6' AC adapter into a standard 110-volt outlet, choose your settings, and you're ready for when the lights go out.


With the 6-volt battery fully charged, the SK638 provides up to 8 hours of light at full power (6 LED bulbs), and up to 16 hours at half power (3 LED bulbs). Don't worry, even at half-power our high-efficiency, high-output LEDs provide plenty of light.
The battery will last for many years if used properly, and is replaceable.

Portable & Versatile

The removable 6' AC adapter and the built-in handle make it completely portable and very versatile.
It is useful in so many ways and places! Suggested installations include:

  • Home
  • Garage
  • Country home
  • Workshop
  • Small business
  • Office

It can also be used as a portable flashlight, a work light, for auto and outdoor repairs, and is great for camping!

Night Light

The SK638 includes an optional night light feature.
Soft lighting is provided at night by a single LED.
A built-in photocell light sensor can turn on the night light whenever it gets dark, or you can set it to always keep a single LED on. And if the power goes out, the unit defaults to emergency mode, turning on all the LEDs.
Or you can turn off this feature entirely.

Safety & Security

Have you considered how you would find your way around during a power failure?
Do you have litle children or aging parents at home? How about guests or visitors?

Emergency lighting is something every home, business, and residence should have in place.

Additional features

The light features an “on-off” switch. When the lights come on and you do not need them, just turn the unit off.

For indoor use only.

The box includes the main light unit, a 6' AC adapter, wall plugs with screws for mounting, and installation instructions.




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Packaging info

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