Add-On Motion Sensor for QH-Series, Grey


  • Add-On motion sensor for SK602G Wireless Expandable Motion Sensor and Alarm Motion detector senses motion over a 45-degree arc, up to 26 ft away (FCC#2AAV8-R), transmission range of up to 390 feet between motion sensor and alarm unit
  • Up to 50 sensors can be linked to the alarm unit
  • Motion sensor can be used outdoors
  • Optional power supply SK600CHG1BL available for the receiver, sold seperately
  • Batteries are not included: motion sensor requires 3 AAA batteries


Product info

Product info

The Ideal Security SK602 series wireless alert uses a motion sensor to detect motion and sends a wireless signal to the linked receiver. Once a signal is received by the receiver, the unit will chime, alarm (100dB) or just flash lights.


Monitor driveways, gates, sheds, walkways, and swimming pools. Monitor front or back doors at small businesses, or supervise children to keep them safe. The motion sensor works in both light and darkness, but it is not pet immune. To scare off intruders, choose the high-decibel alarm. In situations where movement must be restricted, this alarm set can provide a gentle chime indication to warn others. Use the lights-only mode to silently keep an eye on movement in areas of your home, shop, or place of work. The transmission range from the sensor to the receiver is up to 120 meters (390 feet). The sensor’s viewing angle covers an arc of 45 degrees and detects motion at a distance of 5-8 meters (16-26 feet). The receiver has an on and off switch and a selectable switch for the alarm and chime.


Both units can be fastened to the wall using the screw keyholes on the back, or can be kept portable. The motion sensor unit can be installed indoors or outdoors. When installing outdoors, try to shelter it from direct downpours. The alarm unit is designed for indoor applications only.

Accessories and other information

Up to 50 sensors can be linked to the alert. Additional sensors are available and sold separately (SK602-1). 'strong>Batteries are required and are not included: 3 C batteries for the receiver and 3 AAA batteries for the sensor. An AC adapter is available for the alert unit, sold separately (SK600CHG1).


All Ideal products come with a 1 year warranty, and we stand by it. We offer reliable, quality products that stand the test of time.

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Packaging info

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