357 Inside Latch


  • Replacement latch for lever, pull- and push-button interior handles and latches 
  • Compatible with all styles of outside handles
  • Compatible with a variety of spindle sizes and styles
  • Standard 1-3/4" screw hole distance 
  • Dimension at the interior end of the square spindle must be .176" (4.47mm)
  • Compatible with Ideal's SK1215, SKGLW, HK01-I, HK357DB05, and LSDXCR2267 series handles
  • This product page features only the latch for replacement purposes and comes with no additional hardware
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Product info

Product info

Ideal’s SK357 push paddle for storm doors is an inside latch that can be used with push-button, pull, and lever style exterior handles.
It is original equipment quality. Ideal Security has been supplying door manufacturers with quality products since 1956.
With Ideal products, you can trust that you are replacing your existing hardware with accessories of equal, or often better, quality.

Universal Compatibility

The SK357 can replace various styles of inside handles, including handles that turn (rotate), provided that they have the same hole pattern and use the correct spindle size*.

  • Hole spacing:The required hole spacing for screw installation is the standard 1-3/4”.
  • Spindle size:The SK357 can accommodate various spindle styles: flat steel, round steel, flat zinc and rectangular steel, but note that the maximum spindle size is .176”/4.47mm.

This inside latch is used in the following Ideal handle sets: SKGLW series, SK1215 series, HK357DB05 series and HK01-I series. It is also compatible with the LSDXCR2267 series.

*What’s a “spindle”? The spindle is the piece of metal that goes through the door and connects the outside handle to the inside handle.

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