Worqlite2.0 Weatherproof cordless LED worklight w/ Bluetooth


  • Super-bright 1600 lumen, 6000K LED
  • Huge 6600 mAh battery provides up to 9 hours of light on a single charge (50% brightness)
  • IP54 rated and fully sealed for protection against rain, dust and dirt
  • Built-in Bluetooth® speaker
  • Includes UL-approved AC adapter and car charger
  • Durable aluminum and polycarbonate body can take a beating
  • External battery can be swapped and charged independently
  • USB port to charge your phone or tablet on the go


Product info

Product info

Weather-resistant, cordless LED work light with built-in Bluetooth® speaker. Perfect for indoor and outdoor work sites, home shops, garages, backyards, and DIY jobs around the house. Keep it in your car or truck for road-side repairs.

Why LED?

Halogens are cheap for a reason. They consume too much power and put out tons of heat. They’re fragile. They burn out. They’re great for a throw-away product. If you want that, the WorqLite isn’t for you.Our 20W LED is super-bright at 1600 lumens, and cool to the touch. It consumes very little power, so we made it cordless and rechargeable. And it’s durable, so you can spray it, drop it, hit it, dust it, and it just keeps shining.

Battery Life:

With a massive 6600 mAh (50% bigger than the competition), it keeps working so you can keep working. A full charge provides up to 9 hours of light at 50% brightness, or 4 hours of full brightness and music.

Built tough:

The Worqlite is built from aluminum and polycarbonate, and is shielded in rubber to protect it from impact. Robust IP54 certification means it’s protected from the elements. Splashing water, rain, dust, dirt, and oil won’t bother the WorqLite.

Special features:

We designed the WorqLite to meet more than just your lighting needs. The built-in Bluetooth® speaker means you can leave your clunky old radio at home. The standard USB port lets you charge your phone or tablet while on the go. The included car charger keeps the battery going on the road.




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