Wall Mount Frame (60cm tall)


  • INSTALL THEM WHEREVER YOU WANT: Mount them on the wall and organize your tilt bins wherever you need them most!
  • CREATE THE STACK THAT YOU WANT: You can mix & match sets with different tip out bins sizes to create the customized storage system you need. Each set is a standard 24 inch width so they stack cleanly and align nicely.
  • SWAP SETS EASILY: In just 3 movements you can easily swap out different tilt bins.
  • ASSEMBLE THEM QUICKLY: Just snap the parts together and hang them to the wall. You need only a drill.
  • DIMENSIONS: 24” x 24” and it can host up to 8 rows of 9-bin tilt bins.

Status: in stock


Product info

Product info

The perfect hanging frame for Ideal Storage Tilt Bin storage organizers. You can mount these stands wherever you need them: On your garage wall, in your studio, your arts & crafts area, your bathroom… Get creative! They can accommodate any combination of tilt bins, from the giant 3-bin set to the smallest 9-bin set.They’re made with light aluminium and plastic. They’re quick and easy to assemble: Just slide the plastic pins into the rails and snap the pieces together and you are done! No tools needed! You can now place the combination of tilt bins that you need. This frame measures 24” x 24” and it can host up to 8 rows of 9-bin tilt bins.

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