Discontinued: Ladder-Aide


  • VERSATILE: Use your existing single and extension ladders on stairs. Micro-adjustable to 1/8" for use on almost any stairs
  • USE WITH MULTIPLE LADDERS: Swap ladders instantly, always use the right ladder for the job
  • EASY TO SET UP, EASY TO USE: No installation required, sets up in minutes. Move from stair to stair with no hassle
  • WHICH LADDER-AIDE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? The original Ladder-Aide is smaller and lighter. The Ladder-Aide Pro can handle the biggest and heaviest fiberglass ladders. Make sure to pick the right one.
  • LADDER SPECS: Designed for Type 3 and 2 aluminum ladders
  • Meets and exceeds ANSI-ASC weight standards for ladders (ANSI-ASC A14.8-2013), and complies with the 9.1.1 Foot Slip Test

Status: Temporarily Out of Stock


Product info

Product info

Lighter and self-storing, for Type 3 and Type 2 ladders aluminum.

Made for professionals and perfect for the everyday handyman.

The Ladder-Aide is the quickest, easiest, and safest way to use your extension and combination ladders on stairs. It’s a compact and portable unit that doesn’t require permanent installation on your ladder, can easily be moved from stair to stair, and can be used with a variety of ladders. With an anti-skid surface and micro-adjustable height (to within 1/8 inch), it creates a stable, level base for use on stairways. Its rugged construction of high-grade aluminum and steel and heavy-duty design mean it’s built to last.


The original Ladder-Aide was designed to meet the size and weight standards of Type III and Type II aluminum ladders, good for most homeowners and painting contractors. It uses more aluminum to remain light-weight, and all the components pack directly into the platform.

The Ladder-Aide Pro is bigger and heavier. It can handle most Type I, IA, and IAA fibreglass ladders and meets their higher weight standards.

Check our guidance and images to pick the right Ladder-Aide for your needs.


Scaffolding takes time to set up and space to transport. Articulating ladders are expensive and heavy. Leg extenders require permanent installation on each ladder. The Ladder-Aide is cost-effective, easy to set up, and small enough to be a permanent and indispensable addition to your toolkit.

Packaging info

Packaging info

Unit Information
  • Item dimensions
    • cm: 7.62X 13 X 59.94
    • inch: 3 X 5.12 X 23.6
    • kg: 3.27
    • lbs: 7.2
Packaging information
  • Units per Package: 1
  • Unit UPC: 056947414707
  • Package dimensions
    • cm: 8.26 X 16.51 X 60.96
    • inch: 3.25 X 6.5 X 24
    • kg: 3.38
    • lb: 7.5
  • Drop-ship box dimensions
    • cm: 10.16 X 19.05 X 62.23
    • inch: 4 X 7.5 X 24.5
    • kg: 3.6
    • lb: 8
Carton information
  • Units per Carton: 1
  • I2of5 Barcode:
  • Carton dimensions:
    • cm: 25.4 X 158.75 X 45.72
    • inch: 10 X 62.5 X 18
    • kg: 3.41
    • lbs: 7.5
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