Wireless Water Detector & Dialer with Voice Message


  • Water Sensor detects leaks and floods and sends a signal to the alarm centre
  • Alarm Center / Dialer stores up to 5 separate phone numbers and will dial repeatedly up to 5 times.
  • Telephone land line required. No cellular, GSM, VoIP or Wi-Fi options.
  • Maximum communication range from sensor to alarm centre: 60 meter (190 feet)
  • Battery backup for limited continued protection during a power failure
  • Detector & dialer have internal alarms that can be silenced
  • Set also includes all telephone connections, batteries, AC adapter and instructions

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Product info

Product info

Water damage is the most common cause of insurance claim in North America, and can often cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.The average cost of repairs following water damage is $3000-5000, with some repairs costing more than $50,000.
This system can give you peace of mind by alerting you to leaks, even when you’re not home! A water detector connected to a landline telephone provides advance notice of a problem and may help reduce the damage that water can do. Avoid or minimize damage from faulty appliances, burst pipes, sewer backups, leaky roofs, heavy rainfall, overland flooding, and more.

No Wi-fi, no power, no problem!

Our system doesn't require internet connectivity, and has a battery backup for power failures. The sensor runs on a single 9V battery (not included).
All that's required is a landline telephone connection and a plug.

How it works

When the sensor makes contact with water, a loud 105dB alarm is triggered. A wireless signal is also sent to the control panel for quick notification. The dialer stores and calls up to 5 different telephone numbers five times each.
The receiver will hear a custom voice message you can record yourself.
Calls can be made to land phones, mobile phones or pagers. Local and long distance can be made by the dialer (charges from your phone service provider may apply). Note: There is no GSM, cellular, or VoIP option. Calls can only be made via landline.

Build out a monitoring system customized to your needs

Up to 22 additional wireless devices and 8 remote controls can be added to the system for additional home protection and security. Other sensors include motion, temperature, and door and window contacts.

Additional details

The maximum range from sensor to telephone dialer 60 meters (190 ft.).
With the long 6-foot wire from wire on the sensor, you can keep the alarm unit easily accessible while placing the sensor in hard-to-reach but vulnerable locations such as a sump pump pit. The built-in suction cup on the sensor lets you stick it to the inside lip of a bathtub or sink, for warning alerts before an overflow.
It’s especially useful where they are hard to detect, like slow drips behind appliances or under a hidden drain pipe.
The alarm centre has a built-in 105 db siren, and you can add additional chimes and louder sirens.
You can also call in to arm or disarm the system and activate or deactivate alarm. Monitor activity by phone following an alarm by listening to what's going on in the room.









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