Heavy Storm Door Closer with Chain & Wide Jamb bracket


  • Heavy door closer package for storm and screen doors
  • 10.5" tube length, 1.5" tube diameter, no torsion bar
  • Package includes SK1730 closer, SK26 wide-base jamb bracket & SK14 wind chain
  • For out-swinging doors 1-1/4" - 2" thick
  • SK1730 closer features seasonal adjustment, tensioning screw, and air by-pass
  • SK26 wide-base jamb bracket with extra-long screws provide added strength and allow for new holes if your old holes are stripped/damaged



Product info

Product info

The Ideal SK8730 Heavy Door Closer package includes

  • Our well-known and reliable SK1730 pneumatic (air filled) heavy door closer (for heavier storm and screen doors);
  • A special wide-base bracket for the door jamb, which allows new holes to be drilled if your existing holes have been damaged or stripped;
  • Extra-long screws, for extra strength in holding the door closer in place; and
  • Our SK14 wind chain, to protect the door, the glass and the door closer pump from damage if a strong wind catches the door as it is opening.

Additional features

The heavy duty closer features winter and summer settings for when screens are used instead of glass, and features an air by-pass for extra latching power. The closing speed is regulated by an adjustment screw at the end of the tube. Tightening the screw will slow or stop the closing, loosening it will speed up the closing.


The SK8730 door closer is for out-swinging storm and screen doors that are from 1-1/4” to 2” thick. If yours is a lighter-weight door, please consider Ideal’s SK9 Standard Door Closer.
All fasteners and brackets are included for a complete and easy installation. The wide base bracket is available without the door closer as the SK26.
This door closer is original equipment quality. Ideal Security supplies storm door hardware to quality door manufactures across North America.








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