Hydraulic Standard Door Closer


  • HYDRAULIC: This closer uses oil instead of air pressure, providing smoother and more consistent closing
  • ADJUSTABLE POWER: Tension screw for fine-tuning the closing speed; Seasonal adjustment bracket for screen-only applications
  • FOR STANDARD WEIGHT DOORS: For doors 45-90 lb, usually 7/8 inches to 1-1/4 inches thick
  • CLOSER DIMENSIONS: Tube diameter 1", tube length 10.5
  • INCLUDES: Adjustable door bracket; Jamb bracket; All installation hardware



Product info

Product info

Our hydraulic door closers use an oil-filled chamber to provide the smooothest avilable mechanism for sure, silent closing every time. The SK5900 is for standard-weight storm and screen doors, 45 to 90 lbs. The door closer measures 1 inches in diameter by 10.5 inches long.


The door closing speed is adjustable, ensuring that doors shut securely every time. The seasonal adjustment options allow you to swap between window and screen on your door.


The SK5900 includes all necessary brackets and screws for installation, and is easy to install using the existing holes on your door (if this was the model on the door previously). To protect your door and the door closer, a storm chain is recommended (model SK14). This is an original equipment quality door closer.

Ideal has been supplying hardware to quality door manufacturers for 60 years.






Packaging info

Packaging info









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