Garage Door Springs


  • Enamel coated steel springs are tested to be durable and long-lasting. Rated for 10,000 cycles (a cycle is 1 open and 1 close)
  • BEFORE BUYING: Watch our how-to videos to be sure you've selected the right springs and are comfortable installing them yourself
  • Garage door springs are color coded for easy identification. See our easy to use selection guide for help choosing the right springs
  • SK7151: 90lb (Light Blue)
  • SK7153: 120lb (Green)
  • SK7155: 140lb (Dark Blue). Note that some other companies use blue for both 90lb and 140lb springs. If your springs are blue, double-check the door weight
  • SK7157: 160lb (Brown)
  • SK7159: 180lb (Gold)
  • All our springs are for standard 7' high doors. 25 inches relaxed, 67 inches when fully stretched
  • Add SK7136 Safety Cables for added safety



Product info

Product info

Ideal Security Garage Door Extension Springs are designed for standard 7' high garage doors. They provide additional lifting power for manual and electric garage doors. Our springs are original equipment quality, made to last for many years.


If your springs sag or are longer than 25" in the relaxed position, it may be time to replace them. It's important to always change your springs in pairs to maintain proper balance, and to always install safety cables .

Replacing garage door springs can be done yourself if you're comfortable, but may not be a task for everyone. Before buying, please watch our how-to videos to ensure you're comfortable doing the work yourself.


Garage door springs are color-coded to indicate weight capacity. Our springs follow industry-standard color coding. You should replace your springs with the same class of spring you currently have. You can use our handy Spring Selection Guide to ensure you choose the right springs for your door. Verify your current springs before ordering and installing. Some of our competitors use blue on both their 90lb and 140lb springs! If your current springs are blue, ensure that you know your door weight or spring diameter before ordering.
All our springs are 25" long relaxed and 67" when fully stretched.

  • SK7151:90 lbs (Light Blue)
    • SK7153:120 lbs (Green)
    • SK7155:140 lbs (Blue)
    • SK7157:160 lbs (Brown)
    • SK7159:180 lbs (Gold)

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Packaging info











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