Garage Door Hinge


  • STYLISH AND SLEEK: Why would you ruin a good- looking garage door with ugly hardware? Our gorgeous black finish will add flair and a touch of design to your garage!!
  • CORROSION RESISTANT: Our hinges are made in strong steel powder coated with a black finish to improve its anti-corrosion properties
  • MADE FOR: Overhead sectional garage door
  • READY TO INSTALL: Includes 1/4" Lag screw, fasteners, and complete instructions.
  • THICK RESISTANT STEEL: Ideal to withstand the everyday use. Steel thickness min. 0.067 max. 0.075. Steel gauge #15 and #14
  •  VERIFY THE IDENTIFYING NUMBER(S) of the hinge(s) you are replacing


Product info

Product info

Ideal Security’s new line of powder coated black garage door hardware is a stylish and sleek solution for any garage door. Spruce up your garage door with our new all black hardware and bring a touch of flash to your home.  The garage is often an overlooked area of the house, but it’s also a frequently used area. Whether you use it as workshop, a storage area, or an office, . you should pay the same amount of attention to how your garage looks as you would with your living room!

Verify the identifying number(s) of the hinge(s) you are replacing:

No. 1 hinges are installed down the center of the door to connect all panels together, and on the outer edges of the door to attach the first (bottom) and second panels.

No. 2 hinges are installed on the outer edge of the door, connecting panels two and three.

No. 3 hinges connect panels three and four.

Packaging info

Packaging info









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