Garage Door Side Lock With Spring-Loaded Bolt


  • Sliding bolt side lock for garage doors
  • Spring-loaded lock and release mechanism
  • Can be operated from the outside, with additional accessories
  • To lock from outside: Add SKT9303 or SKL9201 handles
  • To install exterior handle in the center of your door: Add SK7135 latch cables
  • To unlock from outside: Add SK278 lock cylinder

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Product info

Product info

The SK7115 is a reversible, interior side lock for garage doors.

The sliding bolt, locking lever, and release mechanism are all spring-loaded. These allow it to be operated from the outside, with the addition of an exterior handle for locking and/or a lock cylinder for unlocking.

It also works with centered exterior handles which use cables to operate one or town inerior side locks at either end of the door.


-Exterior handles, used to lock from the outside: SKT9303 and SKL9201
-Lock cylinder, used to unlock from the outside: SK278
-Latch cables, used to lock from the outside with a centered exterior handle: SK7135

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Packaging info

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