Garage Door Side Lock (2-Pack)


  • This pack included TWO SK7118 locks.
  • Sliding bolt side lock for garage doors
  • Locks from inside of garage only, no outside operation, for a lock that can be operated from the outside also, see our SK7115
  • Spring-loaded bolt stays securely in position,
  • Units are reversable for left and right applications
  • Fasteners are not included because you need specific fasteners depending on the material of your door. The most common fasteners are Hex Head Steel Zinc Plated Metal for hollow metal garage doors or Wood Tapping Screw #1/4 x 1" Long for garage doors made in fiber glass, wood, metal skin with wood core.

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Product info

Product info

The SK7118 is a reversible interior side lock for garage doors.

It can be installed either on the left or right side of the door. The slide bolt is spring-loaded to prevent it from accidentally sliding open or closed.

This side lock does not have slots for exterior handles or locks, nor does it have a release mechanism. It is for interior operation only. If you're looking for a lock that can be operated from the outside, please see our SK7115 Spring-Loaded Lock.

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