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Check out our review on our SK642 Wireless Water Detector

Best consumer review on SK642

Ideal's SK110 Patio door security bars are now available is White, Black and the original Anodized aluminum finishes.

See the anodized version of the SK110

If you live near one of the 38 Princess Auto Ltd. stores across Canada, you can now shop for Ideal's home security and protection items. Check them out.

Ideal's Home Security products are now available in 38 stores across Canada at Princess Auto Ltd.

Ideal is pleased to introduce our new BLACK patio door security bar. Not only does this chic black complement a black or dark colored patio door, but the black bar against the clear window makes a great visual deterrent. It tells the would be burglar &quo

SK110BL, Black Patio Door Security Bar.

Ideal's home security and protection products are now available on www.wayfair.com

Check out WAYFAIR.com for Ideal's home security products

Looking for the SK636 LIGHT'S OUT? Have you considered our great option, the SK638 Power failure and black-out light. 6 Super bright LED bulbs. It's brighter then the SK636, very attractive and in stock. Check it out.

Don't get stuck in the dark!

Many of Ideal's home security and protection products are now available at Montreal's well known Addison Electronique. If you like to shop in a real store and are looking for our security products pay them a visit.

Visit Addison Electronique in Montreal for Ideal's products

Do you need any set up information about Ideal's SK638 Blackout & Power Failure light? Or just want to see how if works? Check out our new video.

SK638 Blackout! Power failure ED Light

WOW! What a POWERFUL addition to my emergency equipment!! April 27, 2014 See the review......

A consumer review of Ideal's SK638 from Homedepot.com

The new SK638 BLACKOUT Power Failure light really is a great product. Please see the review. The SK638 is available on line in Canada and the US. It will available at RENO DEPOT in Quebec by mid-March.

LA AudioFile reviews the SK638

If you live in a condo, water damage can come from your unit, your upstairs neighbor, or even 3 floors above you. Ideal's SK662 water detector can advise the superintendent,with a voice message indicating your suite #.

Floods and leaks in CONDOs are a HUGE problem.

The SK638 BLACK Power failure light is now available in Canada at Home Depot.ca. On line only.

Power failures are much easier to handle with SK638

Ideal's new SK638 is now available on-line in the USA at Amazon.com, kmart.com and sears.com

Check out those on-line retailers. More coming on board soon

Don't get caught in the dark. The new SK638 LED light provides over 8 hours of bright, portable and rechargeable light.

The new SK638 LED Power Failure / Blackout Light is now available on Amazon.ca

Check out the Ideal listing on Amazon.ca

Ideal's products now on Amazon.ca

Is there an elderly person that you are trying to keep safe in their home? Ideal has a few products that may help.

SK603.....a "Smart" light.

Is there an elderly person that you are trying to keep safe in their home? Ideal has a few products that may help. The pressure mat floor mat(SK630) has many great uses.

Pressure Mat:,Security, Safety, Convenience

Looking to ELIMINATE MONTHLY monitoring fees? Ideal's SK634 wireless,self monitoring alarm system is a complete system in a box. All you need is electricity,& a land telephone line.

Protect Yourself...no monthly fees.

Do you have SECURITY concerns, or do you monitor young children, perhaps an elderly parent? Place the mat in from of a door or next to a bed and be warned as soon as someone steps on it.


Swimming pool access security should be a concern to everyone. Ideal's home security program now includes the SK637 Gate and Pool Access Alert.

SK637 Swimmimg Pool Access Alert

Ideal Security is now a DROP SHIP supplier to Orgill. Please contact Ideal's order desk for information, catalogue and price list.

Whether you like to shop at stores, or just sit comfortably in your home, Ideal Security's home protection and security products are easy to find.

Shop for Ideal's home security on-line or in stores. See our list

Flooding is a multi million dollar problem for home owners and insurance companies.

Ideal's water detectors can be part of the total solution to reduce the damage or at least warn of danger.

Check out the new OIL RUBBED BRONZE finish of the DX, GL and MLH handles.

Oil Rubbed Bronze finish on the DX handle

Information on Ideal's SK633 Home Security System

SK633 Home Security System information

Details of our SK618 Auto Dialer with Remote

Auto Dialer with Remote information sheet

Check out new Home Security VIDEOS

The IDEAL SECURITY video channel

Jon Eakes reviews and approves the LINT ALERT

Jon Eakes reviews and approves the LINT ALERT

There are over 50 dryer fires a day in North America

LintAlert Dryer Safety Alert Distributed in Canada by IDEAL

Are your pipes in danger of freezing? Is it too hot for your pets?

IDEAL Temperature Alarm

Not all floods are caused by Mother nature.

What you can do to guard against costly water damage

Did you leave your garage door open?

The IDEAL Garage Door Alert can let you know